Company: Aricent Group

Aricent visited our campus(Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering,New Delhi) on 20-21 Sept. 2011.There were 4 rounds:

1. Written
2. GD
3. Technical Interview
4. HR Interview

First Day(20 Sept. 2011)

Written Test: There were 3 sections Quant,Technical and Logical Reasoning.

In Quant there were 25 Questions in 35 mins.Questions were easy.Just revise ur basic concepts of logs,Ratio and Prorortion,Probabability,P&C,etc.

In Technical, questions were asked from C,C++,Data Structures.Just brush up ur basic concepts.Some questions were directly defination based,some were output related,some related to complexity of sorting algos and many more.There were 25 questions in 35 mins.
In LR section questions were very easy.There were 2 passages and questions related to that,some series questions,some blood relation type.There were 24 questions in 35 mins.

The test was conducted by Aspiring Minds.There was no negative marking.Sectional cutoff was there.But switching between questions or sections was not allowed.You can’t leave any question.You have to attempt all questions in order as they appear and once you have confirmed the answer you cannot change the answer.

187 students appeared for written and 122 cleared the written.Written is the only elimination round.Once you clear written you will face all the rounds.
Group Discussion: Students were divided in groups of 10.A script was given and 5 mins were given to read that.

People were divided in groups of 5-5 i.e 5 in favour and
5 in against.The topics given were Social Networking,Mercy
Killing,etc.They just check how u Speak.Keep one thing in mind
that also give chance to others to speak because this is GD and not Debate.
Try to speak in between otherwise u will be asked to conclude.

Second Day(21 Sept. 2011)

Technical Interview:Interviews Started at 9:00 AM.My turn came at 4:00 PM.
For technical interview “just be confident”.It is not required that you
give 100% correct answers.Don’t lie there.Try to be urself.For interviews in Aricent
prepare C,C++,DS,CN,Digital Electronics,Microprocessors,OS and SE.Prepare well for
your projects,trainings,etc.My technical interview went for about 45 mins.
Don’t write anything in resume about which u don’t know(because u will be caught very
easily).Don’t panic.

HR Interview:In HR round, prepare well for basic questions like:

1. Tell about urself.
2. Strengths and Weaknesses.
3. Where u see urself after 5 years.
4. Any relocation problem.
5. In which profile u want to work.
6. Do you have any offers.
7. Family Background

Don’t lie there. You will be caught very easily because they are very experienced people.

You will pe awarded points in all rounds and ur cumulative score will matter in your selection.

My HR round went for about 15 mins.

Results were announced at about 8:00 PM.78 people(53 Btech and 25 MCA) were selected and by
God’s grace I was one of them.
so best of luck .
see u at ARICENT 🙂