Company: Aricent Group

First round was an online test conducted by aspiring minds. It had 4 parts-Logical Ability, quaititative reasoning, english and a technical part(C, C++, DS, CN, etc..)
Second round was group discussion. Topic was decided by group members(not an eliminatition round).

Third round was technical round.

Technical questions

1. Describe the projects done by you.
2. Rate yourself as a programmer.
3. What are pointers? There uses.
4. Difference between structure and union.
5. What is big endian and small endian?
6. You have studied DBMS. What is normalization?
7. Difference between OSI and TCP/IP. Which is not used nowadays? Why?
8. Describe string reversal algorithm.
9. What is Fibonacci series? How will you present it to the customer? What is the constraint on the input from the user?
10. What is paging?
11. Explain software cycle.
12. How is an array indexed in C, Java and Oracle?
13. Describe swapping algorithm without using third variable.
14. In an inverter, input is 0, still output is one. How?
15. How will you ensure that while communicating on internet, you are talking to the required PC only?

HR Questions

1. Tell one interesting thing about you.
2. What is your expectation from Aricent?
3. Any plan for higher studies?
4. Why Aricent?
5. Where do you see yourself after 2 years?
6. Preferred place. Explain the logic behind your choice.