Company: Aricent Group

Aricent selection procedure

After Aptitude (Technical: Java)

It is almost similar to GD except that they will provide you document about the topic and also they divide your group into two sub groups.
One has to speak in favorite of the topic where as another has to speak against the topic given to my Sub group was: Common Wealth Games Should not be held in Delhi.
Remember it does not matter what or how much you speak, what it matters is how you speak.
My GD topic 18 year employment ok or not?

Step 5 (Technical CUM HR).
This round starts at evening 3:30 pm and my turn came at 4.30 pm.

The process went like this:

I: Good evening sir.
He: Gook evening, please have a seat.

I: Thank you sir.
He: Introduce yourself.

I: Did
He: You might have studied OS, DS, Networks,microprocesser,campiler?

I: Yes sir. But not study compiler this is not in my syll.
He: Which is your favorite subject?

I: Java.
He: Lets start with OS.

Q: Tell me whats an operatng system?

Q: Different functions of an OS?

Q: Whats is heavy weight process?

Q: Whats IPC?

Q: Whats critical section and its various solutions?
Also he asks many more basic questions.
Then he switch to Networks.

Q: Draw fig of OSI model?

Q: Which model is used in Internet?

Q: Draw figure of it?

Q: What is function of network layer?
Also he asks various protocols that are used in various layers of OSI model like(IP, UDP, HTTP, IGP, TCP etc).
Then he switched to Data structures.

Q: Whats an Data Structure?

Q: What are differnt types of Data Structure?

Q: Whats a Heap, Queue?

Q: Write a program to implement Queue?
Also questions like that (pseudocode or program).

Q: Questions from Java.
You have enter three email
Print the seperate 1st name, lastname and compeny name
Ex: itmanish kumar gmail
itmanish kumar rediffmail
itmanish kumar yahoo

Q: Do you want to know about our company? (I asked him some questions)
I want to sugested if any select for GD, technical round then only cover networking overview ( only OSI layer)
S/W engineering (sdlc, testing, model and describe any one like waterfall, sprial)
Datastructure link list, stack coding sorting bubble sort, quick sort coding OS overview all book( Just read only point)
If any select Java then no need for technical interview ( No deeply study)
Only ask 1 question or not.
See C coding String Reverse, Array Reverse using file read then reverse the write.

All the best