Company: Aricent Group

There was written test first on 24th Oct, 2010 and the venue was Al-Ameen P U College(Campus B), Bangalore which was given in four sections-

Aptitude(30 questions), Data Analysis(20 questions), Data Structure(20 questions) and C/Java/C++(30 questions).

Be careful here because there is sectional cut off. Aptitude and Data Analysis section was very easy and for this I preferred Verbal and Non-Verbal of R.S. Aggarwal. You can do this section easily but Data Structure and C was little difficult, you have to practice hard on this topic before going to face written exam. Question was like 2-3 algorithms presented there and you have to identify the exact algorithm for eg. Which is the correct algorithm for Inorder traversal tree? You have to pay attention on stack, queue, sorting, complexity etc. There was one question I listened first time- what is the complexity of Cocktail sort?

After successful completion of written test I was called for GD and interview on 29th Oct, 2010 and the venue was Aricent Technologies, Bangalore. My GD topic was “H1N1 Media Hype”. There were 12 students for this topic, 6 were in favor of this topic and rest of all was in against. I was in against of this topic.

After the GD I was given a form to fill up where some basic questions were asked.

Questions were:
1. Give an incident where you give your ideas to the team and what was the result of your ideas.
2. Give an example where you worked in a team and what was your role
3. Tell some incident about your college time where you helped your friends.
4. Etc.

Be careful to fill up all these questions because all these are scoring from written exam to GD, Incident form, and Technical cum HR round. Your final selection based on your points whatever you gain if these are under their current ladder you have called. And these type of questions you filled in the form will be asked during the interview so, you have to fill your own experiences and does not take it easily and does not write

something else like a story.

And the next was Technical cum HR round which was about 1 hour 20 minutes. They ask from C, C++, Oops Concept, Core Java, Operating System, Networking and Digital Circuit.

HR: Hello Md. Irshad Alam, please take your seat.

Me: Good Evening sir
HR: Irshad what is the significance of MD with your name?
Me: I told him easily

HR: Tell me something about yourself?

Me: I told him briefly including my family background, interests & hobbies, project experience.
HR: What is Ethical Hacking because it is given as my interest?
Me: I told him easily. I give you a suggestion does not write such thing in your CV which is difficult for you to explain. Write the things which you can easily describe.

HR: What was your project and what was your role?

Me: I described my project very well because I was working as a software engineer during my training period of MCA.
HR: Why you decided to quit the previous job, even you got good job profile?
Me: For my career growth and salary hike. The company is very small and the amount which I was given as a salary was not enough to support my family member. That’s why I decided to quit my current job and came here to search a new job.

HR: After that he came on technical questions and he give me a program. Write a program of command-line argument in C which takes input as

C:>myprog I r s h a d

And output should be in exact format without any space like- Irshad

Hr: Write a program to remove the character from given input

For eg. If input is

C:>myprog Irshad s

Output should be: Irhad
HR: If I remove the pointer from main argument like In case of main(int argc, char *argv[]) it will main(int argc, char argv[]) then what is the effect?
Me: It is defined in its signature that if you give the argument to main there must be two arguments- first is integer type and another is pointer type array of character type.

HR: Which one sorting method is better?
Me: It depends on the situations if you have a very small array then it is better to implement either from Bubble sort. It you have large array then quick sort is better. If you have small array and your data will be increased in future then you can implement either quick sort or merge sort in your program or project.

HR: What is Quick Sort? Can you write the program?

Me: I told him and also wrote the program and described well. He asked why you choose “pivot” element. I told him by taking an example why pivot is taken here and told him it is written on quick sort algorithm, you can’t change it otherwise what will be the meaning of quick sort.
HR: What is Oops concept?
Me: I told him starting from definition followed by their features like polymorphism, encapsulation, inheritance, data abstraction etc.

HR: What is polymorphism?

Me: I told him by definition and by example
HR: What is virtual class and when it becomes necessary?
Me: I told him by taking an example

HR: What is data abstraction?

Me: I told him very well
HR: Can you implement the data hiding concept in C?
Me: No, sir because it is under disadvantages of C which overcomes by C++.

HR: If you have to ask to implement the data hiding concept in C, how can you do this?

Me: I was little confused on this question and told him I don’t know exactly how can I do this properly but If I use password authentication method then I can achieve this. This will at the starting point of your program or project and a password is prompted, if you give the correct password then you can do whatever you want or whatever you provided.
HR: How can you access any function from main function which is written in a header file without including the header file in C?
Me: It is not possible sir, I can’t access any function without including the header file.

HR: What are linked list, stack and queue?
Some more questions on linked list was asked
Me: I give him the answer.

HR: What is Normalization pointer?

Me: I was listen first time and told him sorry sir, I don’t know.
HR: Do you know what is the near, far, and huge pointer?
Me: I told him that near takes 2 bytes and far, huge take 4 bytes. The intention of HR was to come back the topic on Normalization pointer because near, far and huge pointer was related from Normalized pointer. But at that time I don’t know about normalized pointer. So, for your kind information be prepare about different types of pointer like Null pointer, void pointer, daggling pointer, near pointer, far pointer, and huge pointer etc.

HR: He asks some questions on SQL queries?

Me: I give the correct answer.
HR: Then he comes on Operating system and asks some more questions on OS like memory management, paging, segmentation, internal fragmentations, mutual exclusion, virtual memory, and semaphore?
Me: I am not quit good on operating system and told him frankly but also said I can give some answers. He said what you are going to give the answer. I told him the basics from memory management, mutual exclusion, semaphore, virtual memory, and paging.

HR: Then he comes on Networking and asks some questions on switching, router, gateways etc.

Me: I told him.
HR: Then he comes on Digital Circuit and asks some questions like microprocessor, circuit structure etc.
Me: I told him frankly sorry sir; I don’t know much about the digital circuit except the basic knowledge about different gates.

HR: Have you any question Irshad?

Me: I ask 1-2 questions from him and they give me the answer.
HR: Thank you Irshad.
Me: Thank you very much sir.

The interview round was good for me and HR was also good. His behavior was quit well and I feel very relax during my interview.

Finally I was selected in Aricent Technologies and for this I would like to thanks Allah, my parents, my sweet friends & seniors

Moh’d. Irshad Alam