Paper : Ashok Leylands Placement Paper Pattern

Part 1: Engineering Aptitude (50 Questions ” 25 Minutes)
Physics Maths Mechanical Engineering Electrical Basics

Part 2: Mechanical Comprehension (50 Questions ” 30 Minutes)
Basic Production Engineering Mechanical Figurative Questions

Part 3: General Aptitude (60 Questions, 30 Minutes)
Analogy Analytical Reasoning Verbal Quantitative Aptitude Figurative Puzzles Alphabetical Puzzles

Part-1: BASED ON 11& 12 FUNDA.
Electrical circuit Effect of addition of salt on water (related to solutions)Over turning of vehicle in circular track (conditions of skidding, etc) Effect of pressure on boiling Buoyancy effect Effect of rubbing glass with silk & rubber with_________ (nature of charge produced) Forces on charges Time period of pendulum Body temperature in f, temperature common on both c &f scale Graphite crystal structure


If v=220V, I=25A, power factor=0.8, frequency=400Hz. If the motor runs for 3 hours, what is the power consumed?

Symbol of capacitor?

Boiling point of mercury?

When salt is added to water, what happens to its freezing point?

What motor do they use in railway engines for traction?

DC Shunt motor b. DC Series motor

What motor is used for running lathe spindle?

Type of magnetic material used for small motors.

Diamagnetic b. paramagnetic c. ferromagnetic

What types of images do concave and convex lenses produce?

What is the speed of 3-phase induction motor?

Which gear type does not have axial thrust?

Ans: Herringbone

Determinant value?

Ans: 0

Which of the following is not a thermal radiation law?

Ans: Lamberts law

In which units sound is measured?


Velocity of sound at sea level?

Which of the following is formed due to the attraction between moon and earth?

Instrument used for measurement of high temperatures?

Thread used in lathe leadscrew?
Ans:ACME Thread

If water is air, air is dust, dust is light, light is sound, and sound is water, where does fish live?

If the barometer shows 300mm Hg, what is the absolute pressure?

What is the 4-1 process in otto cycle?

Power stroke in diesel cycle is what process?
Ans:Adiabatic process

Which of the following does not form a real image?

Concave b. Convex c. telescope d. microscope

At what temperature °C and K are the same?

What is the material used in permanent magnet?

An object weighs 3kg in air, 2.5kg in water, what is its density?

Which material has the highest Cp value?
a. air
b. water
c. copper

Which of the following has lowest thermal conductivity?
a. steel
b. SS
c. Bronze
d. copper

The crystalline structure of graphite is
a. Simple cubic
b. FCC
c. BCC
d. HCP

Which process cannot be used to produce external threads?

forging b. Rolling c. milling d. turning

The axial stress on a member which is subjected to a sudden load when compared to load applied gradually is

a. same b. double c. half d. quadraple

Silencer reduces noise. It also gives balance to engine b. increases fuel consumption c. Decreases fuel consumption d. reduces vibrations Unit of kinematic viscosity.

Unit of surface tension.

Meaning of overdrive

Wankel engine

Meaning general drill bit angle.

Reason of using regenerator & condenser.

Cycle used in gas cycles, dual cycle& diesel cycle diagram.

Normal value of voltage in spark plug & distributor function.

In which case turning will be easy (front wheel driven back wheel steered/__/___/___).

Viscous fluid passing through duct of varying cross section & pressure remains unchanged-reason?

Differential function

Pitch circle diameter &Pressure angle

Gear hobbler

Gear system in which axial thrust is absent.

Force applied on pin joint of truss (connecting 3 bars, middle straight side slant at equal angle)-tension/compression in middle bar?

Element added to steel for corrosion resistance.(
Ans: Cr)

Which has lowest specific heat- water, steam, copper?

Which has lowest thermal conductivity-stainless steel, steel, and bronze?

Diamond pin function.

Relation between stress-gradually applied & suddenly applied.

Increasing of water density in range?(0-4 degree)

1 litre, 4 stroke engine, 1600 rpm, mean thermal effective pressure=5 bar, power of engine?

Finding rpm of single phase alternator from list of rpm’s.

Efficiency of carnot engine.

Temperature measurement based on which law.

Size of lathe(parameters)

Thread can be formed by all process except
a. Forging
b. rolling
c. Milling
d. Turning

Thread used in screw jack, lead screw?
Which is not related to thermal radiation

a. planck law
b. steffan boltzmann law d
c. fourier law

Radiator type used in bus.

Definitions of normalizing, tempering, quenching, etc.

Normal hardness value of cast iron used in lathe bed.(in BHN)

Definitions-straddle milling, slab milling, gang milling etc.

Questions based on getting final 3-D shape, from sheet showing details where it can be folded.

Getting front view, top view, side view of given isometric view.

Material is not removed in which process
a. punching
b. coining
c. tapping
d. embossing

Part 3: General aptitude (60 Questions: 30 Minutes)

Question Types: Figurative questions (from Edgar Thorpe), Analogy, ratios and proportions, time and work, time and distance, Implicit statement reasoning

1. If the average of the 10 of the 11 player is 30.if the 11th player score is added the average decreases by 2.what is the score of the 11th player.
2. Exonerate “meaning
3. Analogy

Peaceful: resistance then
a) litigation: lawlessness
b) coherent: inconsistency
c) dumb: follow
d) diligent: reliability
e) rough: forceful

Ans :b

4. Cut is to feline, vulpane is to—————.

5. Three problems using codes


b. CEGIK then choose the same pattern
Ans: moqsu

6. Diagram of one block was given. It contains three or four sections. we were asked to find the

a. Left side view.
b. Bottom side view
c. Back side view.