Company: Asian Paints Limited

About Asian Paints job recruitment interview questions in my experience in chennai,

Hi freinds I attended Asian paints recruitment Asian recruitment is different in different palce and in each section ,Asian paints some jobs recruitment not conducted written test and other jobs like management trainees, software engineers conducted ,written test Asian paints written test consists aptitude and technical It was 3 hours examination basic knowledge of all aptitude topics, Asian paints Case study situation wise case study

Asian paints group discussion topics, Asian paints Technical and hr interview tips and procedure, questions Asian paints previous years question papers…..

I did my written test Aptitude & technical) on first day for 3 hrs, which contains basics logical, numerical questions and writing programs for different problems.

I got selected on written test.

Then on the second day I called for 1:1 Interview.
There are two interviewers. Interviewers were very cool.
That interview session goes for one hour.
Finally among 15 students 3 students got selected.
Which was very useful one for me.
Final Interview
It was a stress interview which was over 2 hours long.
The venue was an informal location.
The manager quizzed on a plethora of areas, right from movies to books to previous employers.
There was some amount of personal opinion clouding the interviewer’s expectation of answers.
Attempts to diffuse the tension were not accepted
Tell me about yourself.
Justifying the strategy of the organization I was working for.
Why should I hire you?
sell this pen to me
suppose if you are selected what will u do..?”
“How do you know so much about our company?”
An offline business wants to go online, what is your advice?
Explain how would be an asset to this organization?
Tell me something about our company.