Company: aspire system

Hi Friends

I am P.Udayakumar from ECE, IRTT. I am very happy to say that I got placed in Aspire Systems.
I like to share the interview details. Around 300 students from GCE Salem and IRTT Erode attended the interview and 144 were shortlisted in the written test and finally 9 got placed.

The interview consists of four rounds.

Round I: Written Test (60 Questions, 1 hour, No negative mark)

The written test is divided into 4 sections:

1. Analytical Ability (16 Questions).

2. Quantitative Aptitude (16 Questions).

3. Verbal Ability (16 Questions).

4. Technical (12 Questions).

1. Analytical Ability:

I just give you the questions I remember. First question is of reasoning type. A set of statements were given and five questions were asked from the information inferred from the statements. Then three questions from Analogy of figures. Then some questions from number series completion, Find the odd man out and syllogisms.

2. Quantitative Aptitude:

One question is on Age.

• Q: Steven had a son. His son was born five years after Steven’s marriage. His son dead four years ahead of him. When Steven died his son’s age was half of his age. Steven spent 1/7th of his life as in childhood, 1/6th of his life as adult and 1/12th as bachelor. What is the age of Steven when he died? Ans: 84

• One question is on mixture.

• Q: 20 litres of a mixture contains milk and water in the ratio 3:2. 10 litres of the mixture was removed and replaced with pure milk. Then the procedure was repeated once. At the end of two replacements what is the ratio of milk & water? Ans: 9:1

• One question is on ratio- The ratio of A: B and B: C was given and the ratio of A: B: C was asked.

• In a zoo when the zoo-keeper counted the number of heads he found it to be 80. But when he counted the number of legs he found it to be 260.The zoo contained either horse or pigeon. The numbers of horses in the zoo was? Ans: 50

• Nine people went to a hotel. 8 people paid 12rs each of them and the ninth paid 8rs more than the average of all the nine people. The total amount paid by them was?
Ans: 117

• One question is on time and distance.

• Q: A man when he travels at 3 kmph he reaches the station 2 mins late. However when he travels at 4 kmph he reaches 2 mins quick. Find the distance the man has to travel? Ans: 4/5 km

• Four expressions involving X and Y was given and asked to find which of the expressions are exactly equal.

• The expression 7(2n)-3(3n) is always a multiple of ______. I think the answer is 5 but that option was not given. This may be a dummy question.

• The diagonal of a rectangle was given and said that the diagonal is twice the length of one of the sides. What is the area of the rectangle?

3. Verbal Ability:

• A paragraph with five blanks has been given. For each blank there will be four options. You have to choose the correct one. The paragraph given was so simple. Don’t miss this.

• One reading was given and five questions were asked from that.

• Three questions on alphabetical series completion.

• One graph was given about profit & loss of three companies and three questions were asked from that.

• One figure was given with four cogged wheels and asked to find out which wheel will rotate fast.

4. Technical:

In this section most questions were based in C++ and few in C. A small program was given and asked to find out error or output.

Round II: Technical-I

You should be thorough in C and OOPs concept in C++ to clear this round. Out of 144 selected

In written most were eliminated in this round. In this round basic programming knowledge was tested. We were asked about OOPs concept and asked to write some simple programs in C & C++.

Round III: Technical-II

Those short listed in Tech-I was asked to attend Tech-II. In this round we were asked to write some complex programs. They said they are not looking for correct answer. They will be checking the approach to the program i.e. how you apply the logic. Better not to write the program in an ordinary way…..apply different logic.

I will give you few programs that were asked.

1. Program to multiply 2 numbers without using multiplication symbol. (Hint: add first number the number of times the second number)

2. Program to truncate a given floating point value (e.g.16.25=16). You should not assign the float value to integer & then copy the int value to float….apply different logic.

3. Program to remove duplicate elements in an array… (Hint: Duplicate elements are the elements in the array which are repeated. i.e. all the elements in the array should be different).

4. Be thorough in Pascal triangle program. You may be asked to print something in that triangle structure.

5. Program to reverse a string using pointers.

6. Program to swap two numbers without using assignment operator in any part of the program.

7. Program to round-off a given floating point value.

8. Program to find whether the given number or string is palindrome.

9. Program to find the position of decimal point in a given floating point value.

10. Program to find the factorial of a number using recursive function.

11. Program to find whether the given number is a Armstrong number.

12. Program to find the reverse of a given number.

13. Program for matrix multiplication.

14. Program to find the number of words in a sentence.

15. Program to find the sum of digits of a given number until the sum becomes a single digit. (e.g. 12345=>1+2+3+4+5=15=>1+5=6)

Round IV: HR

This is just a formal round. In this round basic HR questions like,

Introduce yourself.

Which is your dream company?

What is your career goal?

Who is your role model?

What you think that you have achieved?

If you have three offers on what basis you will select the offer?

Be confident. Don’t be nervous. Have a prepared answer for questions like this.

……bye see you in Aspire