Paper: ATOS ORIGIN Pattern & Interview 25 July 2006

I am Kamlesh Sudani from TSEC.(campus placements) Computer Engineer. Total 12 were selected from 150 students : 26 cleared aptitude, and 12 final interview..

I got disqualified in all final-rounds of Infosys, Accenture (GD), Mastek, etc.. Finally I got selected in Atos-Origin It was awesome for me I cleared all aptitude papers But somehow I got rejected in interview.. But I didn’t lost my confidence and finally I got it. I have learnt from these interviews :: “You should always be cool and relax in front of interviewer and always speak what you know.

It started with aptitude test.: (Maths, logical reasoning, and English) total 100 questions in 1 hour (30 In Maths, 40 in logical, 30 in English)

1. Maths was easy .. Even R.S. Aggarwal is enough for it.

2. Logical reasoning was pretty tough, (it includes graph question, sequence diagram., conditional, etc..) concentrate more on this. Do r.s.agarwal logical book..

3. English was o.k. (English comprehension, frame sentence, and select odd man out)

Then came interview both HR And Technical combine ”

1. He asked about my daily routine

2. He asked about my strength. I focused on being practical person,,

3. He gave me puzzle ” 3bulbs, 3switches in other room? You have to identify which switch is for which bulb while going once in bulb room.

4. About my projects, and project in final year.. Be confident and speak only that what you know

5. About my family background..

6. Then came from technical part.. I told them I know C, C++, data structures, HTML, ASP, JavaScript..

7. He asked about inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, encapsulation, etc

8. He then gave me program. Of checking valid password if match go to next site.. In JavaScript form

9. Structures, why class, and diff. between C and C++

10. He told me to write algorithm for bubble sort and explain with example..

11. About chess Give me 5 points followed in international chess. And question related to it..(this was to check your I.q.)

12. Luckily no pointers (but be prepared as from rest students they were mostly concentrating on pointers concept) and static and dynamic binding.

13. H.R.::: asked about my goal,, my current interest, and asked about previous companies (for which I appeared)

14. Finally he gave me to write a program. To write in C++ concept:: Christmas tree I thought and thought for 20 min.. Got some points. and when I was going to say.. He told me to just print the stars.. I responded them immediately that it is bad programming. you should not do like this.. He accepted it.

That’s it.. I got selected but unfortunately all students were reinterviewd again.. (I dont know why) They gave us 4 programs.. To write (getting diff. Between dates, fibonacci series, file program, and about normalization.