ATOS ORIGIN Pattern & Interview 7 July 2008


1. From all I had read about the apttitude of ATOS, this one was far tougher.. I had decided to do the problems/qs that appeal to the eye at first sightThere were very few like these.. Not trying to dishearten u all.. Then I started reading the qs slowly and started getting the ans as well so it was ok.

2. PLEASE NOTE – There is negative marking (-0.5) and +1 obviously for correct. So choose your questions wisely.. I have a suggestion though – If u think an answer is correct don’t hesitate in marking it .. If u think the other options are wrong or if u are 75% sure about yo ur answer, MARK ITThis way u are increasing your chances to clear a tough aptitude..

3. Do the usual RS Agarwal..the famous chapters have been mentioned in the other reviews of atos..

4. particularly do the Logical reasoning separately from somewhere..there is one whole giant section on LR..

5. TIME MANAGEMENT COUNTS!! Time all sections well and answer as many questions as possible from all sections. Try to first solve the questions that seem easy to the eye.


We had a common tech + hr interview. General questions asked were-

1.About yourself and your family.

2.They study your resume very well. So DON’T put anything on the resume that u are not confident of answering (if asked).

3.How did u know of ATOS? I said “Frankly, I knew about it only thru my placement cell. However I studied the site and got to know a lot more.. Elaborate and do good research about the company.

4.Programming languages known?? I said  c, c++, html, Javascript, asp, core java

5.difference b/n c and c++? I answered in brief narrating all features . When I came to polymorphism they had to interrupt (as I had expected!! )

6.Polymorphism (in and out)- Compile time and run time (VIRTUAL FUNCTION)

7.If u mention anything on your project they will surely ask u. SO they asked me on Data warehousing and mining and olap. Of course I had mentioned this to them purposely coz I was prepared with it.

8.For those of u wanting to go for further studies- Never mention it..Instead say that “if the company requires me to pursue further skills, I’m ready for it..

9.Then it was TIME PASS. He asked me about my favorite movies (watching movies on my resume! )..Spoke around 5 mins on movies only so it felt comfortable.

10.Then as usual – “Willing to Relocate?? – YES

11.Are u aware of the bond and e’thing ?? – YES

12. Any questions for us???

Overall it was a good interview although I was very very nervous. As a result I wasn’t audible to them at a certain point. They obviously noticed it too but made me feel better as the interview progressed. I was good at my tech answers and I guess they were satisfied with my answers. If u don’t know something then just say “I cant recollect it or “I have done this before but I need to brush up.. This is far better than saying “I don’t know..