Hi Friends

The rounds conducted r as follows:
Aptitude+Essay writing (1hr15mins+15mins)
Technical Interview
HR interview


1: Quantitave from RS Aggarwal (study profit n loss, percentage, clocks, numbers, time n distance, time n work, areas.. these topics wld be sufficient)

2: Critical Reasoning from verbal n non-verbal RS Aggarwal its very simple study assertions part nicely. It all depends on how n wht u think of a particular situation

3: English there is 1 small comprehension which is very simple n some synonyms
There is negative markings. Sectional cut-off.

Technical Interview
jus study basics of all the subjects u learnt in ur engg career. Most important is tht u rem the names of all the subjects in each sems
they mostly ask bout DBMS, OOAD. But they ask bout ur fav subject n then the questions goes on. Not much tough

HR Interview
jus the basic questions. Study ur Resume properly. They can shoot any question from ur Resume. tht’s it
so no need to worry much bout the HR interview