Hi Friends

Myself Praveen pursuing MCA from NIT Jamshedpur. Atos Origin visited our campus on 2 August 2007. this company was my 11th company and I got selected in this company. After being rejected by TCS, Wipro, Accenture, IBM, Aricent, Keane India (caritor), Aatyam, Patni, ITC, Globallogic. So never be hopeless one day must come for u.

Written exam pattern:-
1. there are three sections (a) quantative apptitude = 30 ques.
(b) logical reasoning = 40 ques.
(c) english = 30 ques.

2. there is negative marking 1/2 (0.5) so be careful
3. there is sectional cut off in each section. so time management is very important try to solve at least 50% question of each section.

some questions.

(a) QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE :-(30 question)
quanti questions are easy one r.s. agarwal is more then enough some questions are from percentage, profit and loss etc

1. two successive discounts are 20% 40% then its equivalent discount

2. if radius of cylinder is incresed by 30% and height is decresed by 40% then what will % effect on volume of cylinder.

3. The total expense of a boarding house are partly fixed and partly variable with the number of boarders. The charge is Rs.70 per head when there are 25 boarders and Rs.60 when there are 50 boarders. Find the charge per head when there are 100 boarders.
a) 65 b) 55 c) 50 d) 45
a = fixed cost and
k = variable cost and n = number of boarders
total cost when 25 boarders c = 25*70 = 1750 i.e. 1750 = a + 25k
total cost when 50 boarders c = 50*60 = 3000 i.e. 3000 = a + 50k
solving above 2 eqns, 3000-1750 = 25k i.e. 1250 = 25k i.e. k = 50
therefore, substituting this value of k in either of above 2 eqns we get
a = 500 (a = 3000-50*50 = 500 or a = 1750 – 25*50 = 500)
so total cost when 100 boarders = c = a + 100k = 500 + 100*50 = 5500
so cost per head = 5500/100 = 55

4. Amal bought 5 pens, 7 pencils and 4 erasers. Rajan bought 6 pens, 8 erasers and 14 pencils for an amount which was half more than what Amal had paid. What % of the total amount paid by Amal was paid for pens?
a) 37.5% b) 62.5% c) 50% d) None of these
Let, 5 pens + 7 pencils + 4 erasers = x rupees
so 10 pens + 14 pencils + 8 erasers = 2*x rupees
also mentioned, 6 pens + 14 pencils + 8 erarsers = 1.5*x rupees
so (10-6) = 4 pens = (2-1.5)x rupees
so 4 pens = 0.5x rupees => 8 pens = x rupees
so 5 pens = 5x/8 rupees = 5/8 of total (note x rupees is total amt paid by
amal) i.e 5/8 = 500/8% = 62.5% is the answer

5. 2 oranges, 3 bananas and 4 apples cost Rs.15. 3 oranges, 2 bananas, and 1 apple costs Rs 10. What is the cost of 3 oranges, 3 bananas and 3 apples?
a) 10 b) 20 c) 30.45 c) 15
soln. of 5.
x+y+z=5 that is for 1 orange, 1 bannana and 1 apple requires 5Rs.
so for 3 orange, 3 bannana and 3 apple requires 15Rs.
i.e. 3x+3y+3z=15

6. age of mohan’s sister is thrice of mohan’s age then what will be sister’s age if mohan’s age is 4 year at present. some questions are also from data interpreation. i can’t remember other questions but these question certainly give you some ideas. about question level

b LOGICAL REASONING :-(40 question.)
data sufficiency about 4 ques., statement and conclusion about 4 ques, 4 puzzles about 16 question, number series 4 question data interpreation 4 ques.,… i can’t remember
some questions are:-
from data sufficiency
(1) a,b and c are three cities in straight then wht will be distance between a and b
(a) if distance between a and c is 60 k.m.
(b) ratio of distance between a and b and b and c is 2:5

(2) A

x y
————- —————

is line AD is perpendicular to line BC
(a) if x=y
(b) AB=DC
other question i can’t remember
from statement conclusion

(3) there is a notice board on the outside of an office on the notice board a statement is. read the notice board before enter into the room. then
conclusion 1. people are litrate
conclusion 2. blind people cannot enter into the office

(4) there was huge rain but traffic are not jam in town
conclusion rainy season traffic always jam
conclusion 2.
from puzzles

(5) there are 5 cricket ground eden garden, warson, lords, dambula, sidni and 5 countries england, south africa, srilanka, india,australia piches are flat, slow, spin, fast …
can’t remember…..

(6) there are 6 doctors p,q,r,s,t,u,v they pratice in a hospital monday is close day i doctor can visit the hospital every day 1 hour between 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. , 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. is lunch and 2 p.m. 5 p.m.
saturday is half day so each doctor do their duty for 1/2 hours
r alway do his duty after launch
p always be the first doctor every day who do his duty
q always be the last doctor every day who do his duty
r is followed by w
I can’t remember exactly what is but this puzzle is easy one i solved it in exam but in cricket puzzle problem i faced some difficulties..

(7) six persons A,B,C,D,E and F are sitting in two rows, three in each E is not at the end of any row
D is second to the left of F
C, the neighbour of E, is sitting diagonally opposite D
B is the neighbour of F

(1) which of the following are sitting diagonally opposite to each other
(a) F and C (b) D and A (c) A and C (d) A and F (e) A and B

(2) who is facing B
(a) A (b) C (c) D (d) E (e) F

(3) which of the folllowing are in the same row
(a) A and E (b) E and D (c) C and B (d) A and B (e) C and E

(4) which of the following are in the same row
(a) FBC (b) CEB (c) DBF (d) AEF (e) ABF

(5) after interchanging seat with F, who will be the neighbour of D in the new position
(a) C and A (b) E and B (c) only B (d) only A (e) only C
soln. (1) d (2) d (3) a (4) c (5) a

8) mohan is taller then ram
mohan is taller then sohan
then what can be say
(a) ram is taller then sohan
(b) sohan is taller then ram
(c) can’t tell
soln. c

c ENGLISH:—(30 question)
4 ques. like this i.e find out error in the following sentence
one of the men has(a)/to teach them properly(b)/because he is(c)/the teacher in this school(d)/no error(e)
ans- (d) because before profession a is not used so error in (d) means ‘ a teacher in this school ‘ is correct
3 ques. antonyms (easy one)
4 ques. word meaning analogy (difficult one i can’t solve any one)
4 ques. from passage (average)
4 ques. from preposition
other questions i can’t remember…….

the most important thing for cracking written exam is your coolness so always be cool. first try to make easy questions of each section and never lose your confidence even if u are rejected by so many copanies