Company: Axes

1.Bus arbitaration is used for ans: controling the bus

2.which one is the higher priority a)hold b)interrupt ans: a)

3. 2’s complement of 43 010101

4.what happens when PUSH A instruction is exec….

5.INT6 pushes how many bytes on to the stack.

6.AL = 35, BL = 39
now what are contents of AL. 8086 program to find the o/p(i.e. to find the largest of all)

8.x = 11010010 , y = 00110101
x+y what is the result

9.what is the diff b/w RET and IRET

10. What happens when AND/TEST instruction is exec..flags.

11. What is max unsigned value in 16bit databus

12. what is max address in 16bit address bus

13. what is meant by memory mapped i/o

14. AL = 35
what are contents of AL

15.LIFO occurs in which memory


1. what is amplitude modulation

2. Bandwidth of telephone line (4k)

3. IP layer uses a)packet switching b)circuit switching
c)store and forword switching d)both a and b

4. which one is not transmission media a)optical fiber b)coaxial cable
c)catagary 5 UTP d)none of above

5.number of address bits in IPV6 128

6.ISDN is used for digital communication

7.which layer not present in TCP

8.what is the time period of E1 carrier superframe
ans: 2ms

9. what is the bit rate of the E1 carrier/channel

10. ATM is a) adapter b) n/w architecture layer c) conectar ans: b

11.on ADSL – Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line

12.on AI Networks?

C- Questions

1. struct {
int a;
char b;
char *c;
what is the sizeof structer.

2.union {
int a;
char b : 3;
char c : 2;
what is the sizeof union.

3. what is sizeof(‘a’)

4. write p is pointer to constant char
a) char const *p;
b) char *const p;
c) const *char p;
d) const char *p;

5. which one is faster compiler or interpreter

6.sizeof is __________

7.STACK is part of__________? ANS:-RAM

8.TO print % ?

9.#include<stdio.h> includes definitions or declarations?

10.where the locals and globals are stored. Ans :-stack & heep.