Company: Axes

* T1(US standard)
Data rate 1.544MBPS
No of Channels 24
No of bits per frame 193 (8×24 + 1 Framing bit)
Time 125uS/Sample(for 193 bits)

* E1(European standard)
Data rate 2.048MBPS
No of Channels 32

* OSI Model
Application Layer
Presentation Layer
Session Layer
Transport Layer
Network Layer
Data Link Layer
Physical Layer

* TCP/IP Model
Application Layer
Transport Protocol(TCP/UDP/SCTP)
Internet Protocol(IP)
Physical Layer

* TCP–>Connection Oriented

* UDP–>Connection less

* POT(Plain Old Telephone) works with -48V

* Internet–> packet switching
PSTN –> Circuit switching

* Hamming code distance –> 5

* In Ethernet Frame length is fixed

* MAC() length is 6 bytes

* In Asynchronous communication START/STOP bits r used

* Long Distance Communication –> Satellite

* Protocol is a set of rules used for communication between two peers

* UTP-5 (Unshielded Twisted Pair)
STP (Shielded Twisted Pair)

* . A man owns 2/3 of the market research beauro business and sells 3/4 of his shares for Rs. 75000. What is the value of Business. Ans.150000

* From its total income, A sales company spent Rs.20,000 for advertising, half of the remainder on commissions and had Rs.6000 left. What was its total income?Ans.32000

* If a salesman’s average is a new order every other week, he will break the office record of the year. However, after 28 weeks, he is six orders behind
schedule. In what proportion of the remaining weeks does he have to obtain a new order to break the record? Ans.3/4