Aztecsoft Limited
Aztecsoft Limited

Company: Aztecsoft Limited

Aztech Soft is a very good company with lots of facilities.It’s a CMMI level V company….this company gives a very good training. Aztech has GD.In our group of 10 persons 2 were selected including me.They give us the choice to choose gd topics.And the written test were also easy…they consists of general aptitude,verbal,analytical and a C program. In our case there were a C program for palindrome.The technical round is also good. In HR round they ask personal details as well as some puzzles.

1. They will ask you that which language you know better.

2. Some basics of C.

A program to form the above fig. by C code.

4. Some question on Java. what is class,access specifires.

5. A simple program on Java to check how to define class in Java.

6. If you have done any project then they will ask questions on that.

7. They prefer if you know .NET

8. I hv done projects on .NET, so they ask few questions on that topic.

9. who discover JAVA and .NET ?

10. A simple query on sql.

11. Some question on DBMS.

12. I have done project on .NET and sql server…so they ask me some question on sql server.

13. What is stack,queue,linked list, diffrence between array and linked list in Data Structure.

14.What are the different life cycle models in software engg. ?

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