Aztecsoft Limited
Aztecsoft Limited

Company: Aztecsoft Limited

Hi guys!
Recently I sat for Aztec.Pretty cool company!The good thing about the company since they deal with all kind of technologies since the name A to Z Technology you get a great exposure.
The 4 rounds are
The apti had 4 parts: english,maths,analytical,pie charts and a program.
English :OK
Maths : Easy
analytical: pretty tough
Pie charts: OK
Program :In my case was to print 1

GD was dress code for girls in colleges The invigilator was quite cool…He coordinated the whole stuff. Tech was nice.They asked me many HR questions before going to the tech stuff.
Tech was mainly arond Java since i mentioned them i am interested in Java.Other than that they asked me many Software engineering questions . HR was very nice and friendly.Some hr questions and a puzzle. So i hope to meet you at aztec.

Good luck and keep programming. ….Anirban Dutta.

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