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AztecSoft Limited Placement paper

Company: Aztecsoft Limited

Aztec 8th August, 2006.

Criteria : 65% overall(10th,12th,B.Tech)
Students Eligible: IT,CSE,ECE

Approximately I think 250 people took written test out of which 69 got cleared, then had a GD, in that they took 44 out of which finally 30 members were selected. They started with their Power point Presentation.

After that we had a written test which had few Verbal, Quant, Analytical n DI questions. We were given a program to write the code in C, it was manageable. We can get through..then we had a GD for the short listed candidates..difference kinds topics..current affairs..history..abstract etc etc..then finally interview for shortlisted candidates was a HR+Tech round..they again tested in programing. Any language will do, like C, C++, Java etc..they are looking for the logic..n thats it..actually it was a great experience C heta naites

There were 34 questions to be done in 60 minutes…..
1 correct answer carries 1 mark, 1/4 negative marking for wrong answer
first 8 questions were of English :
-> pick out the correct sentence..
-> fill in the blanks , vocab based

1 question was of analytical reasoning..(bit difficult)
->it consisted of 5 subquestions.
-> refer BARON for practice
5 questions of logical reasoning…
-> refer R.S. AGGARWAL
5 questions of DI
10 questions were of aptitude
-> refer R.S.AGGARWAL
now q34 was a programming question (17 marks )
we had to make a pattern in less than 10 lines…

After that we had GD, some topics of GD
-> pigs having wings
-> foreign coaches for Indian sports
-> alphabet letter ‘L’

They asked about c,c++,dbms,dcn,vhdl,data structures…
some questions :

* q1. write program of bubble sorting?
* q2. wap of fibonacci series?
* q3. wap of palindrome?
* q4. insertion & deletion in linked list?
* q5. difference b/w OSI layers & TCP/IP layers ?
* q6. difference b/w SMTP & SNMP ?
* Q7. difference b/w UDP & FTP ?
* q8. which layer is called host to host layer ?
* q9. what is the full form of V.H.D.L ?
* q10. what is the use of V.H.D.L ?
* q11. wap of finding first 10 prime numbers?
* q12. what is the id of ‘C’? ( ans: the compiler which u use to run C programs like turbo)
* q13. some puzzles…
* q14. primary key & foreign key

q1. within 60 seconds describe yourself?
q2. about family background ?
q3. strengths Huh

AztecSoft Limited Placement paper

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Aztecsoft Limited provides Internet infrastructure and e-integrated solutions for Application Service Providers, net market makers and e-commerce portals. The Group specializes in a number of areas, including database management, internet middleware, e-commerce and messaging technologies.

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