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Aztecsoft Limited

Aztecsoft Limited Placement Paper

Company: Aztecsoft Limited

Aztecsoft Limited came to BVB college of engineering and technology Hubballi.
We attended campus of this company.

Criteria : 65% overall (10th,12th,BE)

Students eligible: IT, CSE, ECE Students.

There were 3 colleges who attended this campus selection process, people took written test out of which nearly 42 got cleared, then had a GD, in that they took 19 out of which finally 8 members were selected.

They started with their PowerPoint presentation.

After that we had a written test which had few verbal, quant, analytical n DI questions. We were given a program’s to write the code in C. It was manageable. We can get through, then we had a GD for the short listed candidates. then they took technical interview.

Technical interview was simple and based on basics of C and C++ and puzzles. One thing I like in technical interview that there was only one person who was giving technical question to three persons at a time. There was circular C shaped table, and he was inside that and we three people were sitting at three directions of the table and alternatly he was asking questions again. Finally it was a HR+tech+puzzles round there were 3 persons for HR interview. they again tested in programing logic..and confidence of candidates. and thats it..actually it was a great experience.

There were 34 questions to be done in 60 minutes.

1 correct answer carries 1 mark, 1/4 negative marking for wrong answer

First 8 questions were of English :

1. Pick out the correct sentence.
2. Fill in the blanks , vocab based

* 1 Question was of analytical reasoning. [Bit difficult]
* It consisted of 5 subquestions. [Refer BARON for practice]
* 5 Questions of logical reasoning [Refer R.S. AGGARWAL]
* 5 Questions of DI
* 10 Questions were of aptitude [Refer R.S. AGGARWAL ]

Question 34 was a programming question (17 marks )
The program asked was to display
and we did it first.

In technical interview they asked to write a program to separate the Alphabates and digits from the given string. And next he gave me puzzle to write it’s reflection by exchanging any three ball’s position next he asked me to to write the statement.
{ printf(“%d”,5);
{ printf(“%d”,6);
Using ternary operator.

Next he asked me some questions on O.S., DATA STRUCTURE, DOS, AND C.N.

Then I went for HR. It was a great experience.

Three people were there. They asked question on tree. i.e., binary tree.
Next they asked puzzle : You have 10 balls and 5 rows in any direction. arrange these balls in 5 rows such that each row contains 4 balls.
clue: use star.

They were testing the confidence, and logic, and problem solving capability. So be confidant while answering any question.

Aztecsoft Limited Placement Paper

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