BHEL Placement Paper

Company: BHEL

1. An emergency loan of $ 500 million to help reconstruct infrastructure in earth quake devastated Gujarat approved by-
a.) Asian development Bank
b.) World Bank
c.) Swiss Bank
d.) Reserve Bank of India
Ans : A

2. India successfully conducted its first underground nuclear experiment at Pokhran in Rajas than on-
a.) May 18, 1975
b.) May 20, 1974
c) May 17, 1974
d.) May 17, 1974
Ans : A

3. Rabindranath Tagore was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in the year.
a.) 1908
b.) 1910
c.) 1913
d.) 1914
Ans :C

4. Durand cup is associated with-
a.) Hockey
b.) Tennis
c.) Football
d.) Badminton
Ans : C

5. β€œLong years ago we made a trust with destiny.” Whose words are these
a.) Subhash Chandra Bose
b.) Jawaharlal Nehru
c.) Lajpat Rai
d.) Bhagat Singh
Ans :B

6. Speed of sound is maximum in-
a. ) Water
b.) Air
c.) Steel
d.) Vacuum
Ans :C

7. The function of World Bank is to-
a.) Help in reconstruction and development of world economy
b.) Facilitate poor countries to trade on concessional rates
c.) Promote growth of international trade and equilibrium in balance of payments
d.) Ease trade barriers and establish rule of fair trade
Ans :A

8. The O/P of a logic gate is the gate must be-
a.) AND
b.) OR
c.) NAND
d.) X-OR
Ans πŸ˜€

9. A Not gate at the output of AND gate converts AND gate into-
a.) NAND
b.) NOR
c.) AND
d.) NOPE.
Ans :A

10. High level programs like C are converted into machine language with the help of
a.) interpreter
b.) compiler
c.) operating
d.) system
Ans :B

11. Microprogramming is a technique
a.) for programming the microprocessor
b.) for writing small programs efficiently
c.) for programming the control steps of computer
d.) for programming o/p / i/p
Ans :C

12. What will be status of z and c y flag after execution of SUB A instruction
a.) z = 0, cy = 0
b.) z = 0, cy = 1
c.) z = 1, cy = 0
d.) z = 1, cy = 1
Ans :C

13. 8085 mP has no. of addressing modes-
a.) 2
b.) 3
c.) 4
d.) 5
Ans :C

14. How many general purpose registers 8085mp-
a.) 4
b.) 6
c.) 8
c.) 10
Ans :B

15. The difference between TWT & klystron is –
a.) In TWT electrons are in contact with RF field for long time & in klystron for short time
b.) In klystron electrons are in contact with RF field for long time & in TWT for short time
c.) In klystron there is no contact in RF field & electrons while in TWT there is contact
d.) In TWT phase is no contact is RF field & electrons while in klystron there is contact
Ans :A

16. In directional coupler a portion of power two velliry fram port 1) to port 2) is coupled to.
a). port 4
b). port 3
c.) port 2.
d.) port 3 & 4.
Ans :A

17. In the given circuit the maximum current in the main SCR M can be-
a.) 200 A
b.) 170.7 A
c.) 141.4 A
d.) 70.7 A
Ans :B

18. In the given fig. mark out the type of Cyclo converters
a.) 1 phase to 1 phase with continuous conduction
b.) 1 phase to 1 phase with discontinuous conduction
c.) step up device
d.) 3 phase to 1 phase device
In the given fig. A-1, C=5, m H and C=20 m F, C is initially charged to 200 V. After the switch. S is closed at t = 0 the maximum value of current and the time at which it reaches this value are respectively.
Ans :a.) 400 A, 15.707 mS

19. In the given figure band structure is shown. It is of

a.) Gallium Avesenide (GaAs)
b.) Silicon (Si)
c.) Copper (Cu)
d.) Germanium (Ge)
Ans :A

20. If in the network shown in the fig. initially a steady state is attained by closing the switch β€˜s’ and then if the switch is opened at t = 0, then the current i(t) through the inductor will be –

a.) cos50tA
b.) 2A
c.) 2cos100tA
d.) 2sin50tA
Ans : B

21. A relatively permanent information is stored in
a. ) ROM
b.) RAM
c.) PROM
d.) Volatile memory
Ans :C

22. The approximate thickness of the radome wall should be –
a.) l
b.) l/4
c.) l/2
d.) l/8
Ans :B

23. In the lattice network, the value of R for the maximum power transfer to the load –

a.) 5
b.) 6.5
c.) 8
d.) 9
Ans :B

24. A typical optical fibre has –
a.) High refractive index core and low refractive index cladding
b.) Low refractive index core and high refractive index cladding
c.) Both a and b
d.) None
Ans :B

25. The device which acts like an NPN and a PNP transistor connected base to base and emitter to collector is –
a.) Triac
b.) UJT
c.) Diac
d.) SCR
Ans : D

BHEL Placement Paper

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