BIRLA SOFT Placement Paper

Company: Birla Soft

Hi all iam ankit shukla from pcst bhopal CSE(6th sem).i got placed in birlasoft at 5th of feb the god grace and best wishes from all.
There is a 3 round:-
first the written exam conducted the paper was so 30 que was there 15 from technical and 15 que from aptti. from the technical question’s que’s frm Lan,Wan and sdlc(software development life cycle).etc.and from the appti the ques frm average,mixture and ratio.there was 1500 hundred student in written exam than after that 170 cleared the exam.
then after that in GD the topic was black colour,living relationship,man could have a baby,BPO.
then after the GD 60 student select for the interview.the interview technical and HR was combine.then question is:-
Q)breif describe ur self.
Q)why birlasoft.
Q)what is operator overloding.
Q)what is inheritance how it is work.
Q)what is the difference between Dbms & Rdbms.
Q)tell the commands of ddl,dml,dcl &tcl command’s.
Q)describe multitasking and multithreading.
Q)what is encapsulation.
Q)what is the cycle to develop software.
then after that result was announced then 24 candidate was selected and i was the one of them.basically they saw u r confidence,attitude and in the interview
the most of the part of the interview was technical

BIRLA SOFT Placement Paper


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