Company: Birla Soft

1. What is the function of the modulus operator in most languages ?

a) Sets a system environmental value to either base 10 ,base 8 or base 16
b) Returns the remainder after dividing one number by another
c) Returns the first argument raised to the second argument power
d) Prints out the actual code written to standard output rather than executing the code

2. lass professor{}
class teacher: public virtual professor{};
class researcher: public virtual professor {}
class myprofessor :public teacher,public researcher {};

3. Referring to the sample code above ,if an object of class “myprofessor” were created ,how many instances of professor will it contain?
a) 0
b) 1
c) 2
d) 3

4. Modern RDBMS’s perfom the following the following functionc except
a) Force column values in one table to match any of the values in a column of another table
b) Automatically replicate data on another server
c) Automatically create new indexes based on query history
d) Prevent unauthorized users from accessing data at the firls level

5. Which is not the characteristics of a view ?
a) Consumes Disk space for data
b) Multiple tables
c) Multiple rows
d) Updateable

6. RDBMS triggers are typically bound to a _____________and one or more _____________
a) Table,SQL statement types
b) SQL statement type,user
c) Column,rows
d) User, tables

7. What relationship is resolved by an “intersecting” or “associative” entity ?
a) Recursive
b) Mandatory one to one
c) Many to Many
d) One to One

8. Make a copy of file “upper” in the directory two levels up .
a) jump -2 upper
b) cp upper ../..
c) cp upper -2/
d) None of the above

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