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hi friends……………this is SWATI MAHAPATRA ……….persuing my 3rd year at EASTERN ACADEMY OF SCIENCE AND

i would like to share my experience . A total of 2100 students appeared from 22 colleges of orissa.It was an off-campus
recruitment drive. 200 were selected in the written round. It was followed a GD in which 38 students were able to clear.
The next round was a technical cum PI round in which finally 16 were selected and I was among the luckiest 16.

I secured the highest no. of marks in the written round scoring 43 out of 50. So my name was declared first.
The selection procedure comprised 3 rounds……….Lets start with the first round. It was a written round.

There were a total of 50 questions of multiple choice type. There was a cut off of 32 marks. Each question carried 1 mark.
There was no negative marking. The paper included questions from BOOLEAN ALGEBRA, Technical questions from RDBMS like
Denormalisation…, JAVA
, C and OOPS.

The English section included antonyms, synonyms, sentences with nearly the same meaning which required identification of the
correct sentence, and aptitude questions similar to that of the questions from R.S.AGARWALL. There was no Sectional cut off.

The second round was a GD round.
As per my observation the facilitator laid stress on the COMMUNICATION SKILL and ORGANIZATION AND SELECTION OF GOOD POINTS
in favour of the topic. My topic was CASTE BASED POLITICS. I was the initiator and the concluder. To qualify the GD one
needs to speak valid points for nearly 2-3 minutes and give others a chance to speak. What matters is how much patient you
are and give opportunity to others. Do not get excited and do not make it a fishmarket.

ON the 4th of June we had only these two rounds. The very next day i.e the 5th of June we were told to report at 9′o clock
in the morning. It was followed by the TECHNICAL CUM PI round. All the 38 qualifiers of the GD were divided into 3 groups.
Three different HRs took charge of three different groups. My name was called up first.

While entering I requested “May I come in Sir?”. After entering I placed my resume on the table. I was given a paper by the
HR where I had to fill my details.

The questions he asked were as follows,
Q: So Swati what are the subjects taught in your 3rd year?
A: Sir, we have all Computer Science subjects like Artificial Intelligence, Microprocessor and Microcontroller, Computer Networking, Computer Architecture and Organisation, Automata Theory, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Operating System and we have two Mathematics papers as Discrete Mathematics Structure and Optimization Engineering.
Q: So you have done a project in Digital Image Processing. Can you give me a detail of it?
A: I explained him about my project and my role in it.
Q: So you have done a course in Advanced C. What is the difference between C and Advanced C. What extra features are there in Advaned C?
A: In Advanced C we have the Graphics concept and the use of Files.
Q: Can you details about the Hardware and networking training that you did?
A: I explained him.

Similarly he asked me questions like
1. What is the difference between C and C++?
2. What is the difference between Top Down Approach and Bottom Up Approach?
3. What is Friend Function and where and when is it used?
4. Can we use ‘main’ anywhere in the program?
5. What is Function Overloading and Function Overriding?
6. What is Exception handling in JAVA and how can we overcome it?
These were most of the Technical questions.

The HR questions were as follows.
1. Tell me about yourself?
2. So you are a good motivator. Cite an example in your real life how you motivated someone to do a work?
3. You have written that you were the Head Girl of your School. So what responsibilities did you handle during that period?
4. What all social activities do you do in your community?
5. You are an NCC certificate holder. What all activities did you do during that period?
6. Do you want to ask any questions?
I asked him to tell me about the company. He gave me the website and the details about the company.
He asked me, “Any more questions?”
I asked him “Sir, Will everyone cooperate with me in the company?”. He answered me, “That you cannot say. You have to cooperate with everyone and work according to the environment.”
Atlast he told me, “Congratulations and Thank you Swati.” and shaked hands with me.
I said, “Thank you Sir.”

Our result was declared at 3 p.m. Finally I was selected and we were given a Birlasoft cap. Our package was declared to be 2
lakhs during our Training sessions and it would be extended to 3 lakhs after that.

So guys I hope my experience will help you in presenting yourself in a competitive manner and may enhance your confidence
before appearing the campus interview. Thank You AMMA BHAGWAN for placing me in BIRLA SOFT.

Best of Luck to all of you. See you in BIRLA SOFT . Goodbye

Birla Soft Placement Paper & Interview

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