Birla Soft Placement Paper

Company: Birla Soft

I am Rajlaxmi Garg frm MIT UJN got placed in BIRLA SOFT on 23rd March. Well its all just Gods grace n best wishes of my parents teachers frndns n all.

It was in 3 phase
2 GD

WRITTEN was damn easy : 3 Sections, TECHNI, APPTI N VERBAL
Technical – convert a decimal no. into octal n hexadecimal, some q on dbms, datacomm, c n c++ also java 2
Maths part again very easy rs agarwal type q (mixtures, profit-loss, timen distance, etc)
English was just like anyhting u would finish it within 5 mins n yes start with tht part only
over all thr were 50 q n i scored 42 mrks THE HIGEST ONE

Next phase was GD, again simple, some topics were
1 1 billon people n few gold medal
2 the colour RED

Next day we had interview. the pannel consisted 2 young man they were very cool kept me at ease no tension no stress at all
1 tell me something abt u
2 y IT (as my branch is IT)
3 simple technical questions
4 i hv won many prizes in extempore, debate n all so he told me to speak on “IF I WERE RAILWAY MINISTER” spoke very well he was quite impressed
4 dream company – i told THE ONE WHICH provides scope 4 learning n all tht…
give me the name i said BIRLA SOFT he asked y?
thn i said ur fair work n management is wht tht appealed n
u mean wht u say
5 r u free to move anywhere?

It was just a gnrl interview with some simple techni q wht they look is ur over all attitude, confidence n c-skills. Results were announced at 2pm n i was selected well its a gnrl thing tht happens with everyone but 1 special thing took place with me was their hr who took my interview as well as gd walked upto me n congratulated n said “RAJLAMI I AM VERY MUCH IMPREESED WITH UR C-SKILLS, UR PARTICIPATION IN VARIOUS EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITES UR CONFIDENCE N THE MOST IMP THING IS UR OVERALL ATITUDE. JUST KEEP IT UP I AM HAPPY THT UR NOW A PART OF BIRLA SOFT”

Well this was the best thing tht he judged me properly, otherwise in rest of interviews wht thy do is just a formality !!!!!!!

Birla Soft Placement Paper

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