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BSNL JTO 2007/2008 General Knowledge Questions and Solutions Also From Section 1 and Section 2, Including..

* Question on CMOS capacitance..
* Voltage Controlled Voltage Amplifier… Current Controlled ….
* Skottky : Fast; four options which is true.
* Current on change in dimension – Piezo Electric Material
* Some materials conduct at room temperature can be a controversial question…
* The guy who put question was a Thyristor fetish.
* Also opamp gain question.
* Then N-circles ??? represent
* A question on solenoid. uNI.
* Which is true. LED operated in Fwd bias, etc. etc
* Triac conducts in more than one direction..
* Need of transformer in output side of thyristor..
* Range possible if SNR drops by 20DB.
* Diameter of N circles.
* Questions on breakaway points in a bode plot.s/(s-1)(s-2)
* Thevenin’s Circuit.

1.Which Vitamin is found in Oranges and Lemons?
Ans: vitamin C in oranges.
2.Shimla Agreement was done between India and_________

1. China,
2. Nepal,
3. Pakistan,
4. Bangladesh.

Ans: Pakistan

3.Who is known as Iron man of India?
Ans: Saradar Vallabhai
4.Which is oldest IIT (Indian Institute of Technology)?
Ans: IIT Karagpur
5.With which Indian state does the International border of Myanmar does not touch?
Assam, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Manipur,Mizoram etc.. (These are Choices.)
Ans: Mizoram

6.Fill in the blanks with preposition- I agree ______this proposal.
Ans: I agree with the proposal.

7.What is the antonym of Obsolete.
Ans: Current.

8.A map was given with West Bengal and Kerala was shaded. Question was- what is the main product of the shaded places?

Ans: Major Tea Producing States In India

* North India – Assam, West Bengal, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland & Himachal Pradesh
* South India – Tamilnadu, Kerala & Karnataka

9.Four sentences were given and a grammatically correct sentence was to be founded.
Ans: French live in France.

10.What is Hinyan? Its Hinayana Buddhism

11.What is Kalpana-2 Satellite meant for?
Ans: Kalpana is tracking monsoons.I think there is only Kalpana-1.
You see satellite images of Kalpana-1 tracking the onset of Monsoon and depressions in Bay of Bengal.

12.Where was the First Round Table Conference Held?
Ans: London

13.Who is the writer of the book-‘My Country My Life?’
Ans: LK Advani.

14.Who Got First Woman Grandslam?
Ans: Its not Grandslam. Grandmaster. The answer is S. Vijayalakshmi.

15.When is Telecommunications Day?
Ans: Telecommunications Day was celebrated last month. The date is 17th May. BSNL celebrates it.

16.Which Gas is responsible for Green House Effect? Carbon Dioxide ???
Ans: CO2 ( Carbon dioxide )
17.A group of Islands is known as__________
Ans: A large group of islands is know as archipelago

From Section – 1 and 2 mixed
1.What device is used to measure very low resistance?
Ans: Kelvin Double Bridge
2.L and C given and Characteristic impedance was to be found . Formula is sqrt(L/C). Though exact values of L & C is Can’t Re-Call
Ans: answer was 60 Ohm.
3.ZL and Z0 was given and SWR was to be calculated.
4.After what wavelength all the properties of Tx lines repeats itself?
5.As compared to twisted pair lines , the repeater spacing requirement in Optical fiber is more or less or same?
6.How much is the minimum HDD partition size for FAT32 Format?
Ans: 512 MB or larger. (FAT 32 Supports 512 MB or larger size of partition)

7.What is the value of ‘a ‘ after execution of this program?
Ans 16

8.A RAM has 32 address lines and 16 Output lines. What is memory size?
Ans: it is 8GB because 32 address lines means 2^32 i.e. 4*1024*1024*1024 address locations available and each location has 2bytes(16 output lines). So total memory is 2*4*1024*1024*1024=8GB

9.A question was there that a C program can be complied with C++
compiler or C++ program with C Compiler or Fortran Compiler. C can be compiled in c++

10.Which interrupt of Microprocessor is edge triggered…?
Ans: RST.65

11.Which programmable interface of microprocessor is bit set reset mode?
Ans: Ans: I think 8255 Bit Set/Reset (BSR) (Please Confirm)

12. An EX NOR gate was given . One input is T and other input is grounded.
What is its output? [ Think what it is? ]
13. What is binary equivalent of 74H and what is its 2’s compliment ?
0×74 = 0b1110100,

14. A Figure was given….which part is snubber circuit?
Snubber Circuit

A Similar Ckt Not Exactly the Same Still Identify Where the Snubber ckt is?

15. Which of the antenna is non resonant?

Ans: Rhombic Antenna

16. An instrument gives 1% error for 500 V full scale measurement? What is %age error for measuring 250 V?

17. For A 5 varibale K map Minterms was given and SOP expression was to
be found?

18. An assembly language program was given and T states for all instructions were given. Total frequency was to be calculated.

19. If O/P resistance is more and I/p Resistance is less…which feedback configuration is used?

20.The S matrix of lossless network

21. In a micro strip line what exists? TE or TM or TEM or Quasi TEM?

22. Which is preferred for TE and TM? Coaxial cable or Stripline or Dielectric filled waveguide?

23.A RC series cct with R= 3k and C=2 micro F was given . Switch was initially open and closed at t=0. The ratio of voltage across C at t=0 and t= 6ms. Calculate?

24. A 10 V sorce with internal r= 250 and Load R=500 is there. A voltmeter with r= 500 is connected across R. the % change in voltage wrt true voltage without taking the r of voltmeter.

25.If distance between 2 plates of capacitor is reduced by 10% how much is %age change in capacitance?

26. Specific resistance for Cu and Al is given. Diameter of Cu is given. For same resistance per unit length what is radius of Al in mm.

27. Conductance of a metallic wire is directly/inversely proportional to length and directly/inversely proportional to area.

28. A Memory was there.with input lines A0- A11and Chip Select Low Line was through NAND gate having input and A14 –A15. What is address range?

29. In order to measure the volatage of thermocouple the amplifier should have …………..greater slew rate or lesser input offset current or——— or ——–“?

30. MASER RF Amplifier is not used for_________?
Ans: Radio Astronomy

–> What is binary equivalent of 74H and what is its 2’s compliment ?

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Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd Placement Paper

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