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BSNL Junior Telecom Officers (JTO) Placement Paper 2014

Major advantage of TWT over a klystron lies in its ?
a) higher bandwidth
b) higher output
c) higher frequency
d) higher gain
Answer: d)

The op-map circuit shown in the given figure can be used for ?

a) addition
b) subtraction
c) both addition and subtraction
d) multiplication
Answer: d)

The Boolean expression for the shaded area in the given Venn diagram is ?

Answer: AB+BC+CA
A lag compensator is basically a ?
a) high pass filter
b) band pass filter
c) low pass filter
d) band elimination filter
Answer: c)

Transfer function T (S) of the system in the given fig is-


The overall transfer function for a unity feedback system is 4/(S2+4S+4) Mark the correct statement regarding this system
1. Position error constant kp for the system is 4
2. The system type one.
3. The velocity error constant kv for the system is finite.
Select the correct answer using the codes given below Codes
a) 1,2 and 3 b) 1 and 2 c) 2 and 3 d) 1 and 3
Answer: d)

If the rotor?s resistance and reactant?s are respectively R and X1 its length and diameter are L and D for two phase a) c) servomotor, then-
In a PID controllers the transfer function G(s) is-
Transfer function can be approximated by the system- The transfer function of an amplifier is given by The high 3 db frequency of an amplifier will be approximately-
a) 5850 kHz
b) 585 kHz
c) 5850 Hz
d) 585 Hz
Answer: X/R is small but L/D is large

The output signals amplitudes for 1?s and 0?s in an ADM transmission systems are ?

a) Fixed and the repetition rate is also fixed
b) Fixed but the repetition rate is variable
c) Variable and the repetition rate is also variable
d) Variable but the repetition rate is fixed
Answer: d)

Microwave link repeaters are typically 50km apart ?
a) Because of atmospheric attenuation
b) Because of Output tube power limitations
c) Because of the earth?s curvature
d) To ensure that the applied ac voltage is not excessive
Answer: c)

The amplifier inserted at intervals to amplify the signal and compensate for transmission loss on the cable are called-
a) line amplifier
b) equalizing amplifiers
c) compradors
d) repeaters.
Answer: d)

Diversity reception in used to-
a) increase receiver sensitivity
b) improve receiver selectivity
c) overcome degrading effect of fading
d) overcome degrading effect of receiver detuning
Answer: c)

Mark out transferred electron device in the following-
a) BARITT dived
b) IMPATT dived
c) Gunn divde
d) Step recovery diode
Answer: c)

In the output of a normal monochrome receiver video detector voltages, which are not found, are –
a) syne
b) video
c) sweep
d) sound
Answer: c)

The HV anode supply for the picture tube of TV receiver is generated in the-
a) mains transformer
b) vertical output stage
c) horizontal output stage
d) horizontal deflection oscillator
Answer: c)

In antenna measurements using two aperture antennas of dimensions D1 and D2 , minimum separation between the two should be (x is free space wavelength of radiation uses) The frquency range for satellite broad casting is ?
Answer: (D12+D22)/x

The frquency range for satellite broad casting is
a) 30 MHz – 300MHz
b) 30 MHz – 3 GHz
c) 3 GHz – 30 GHz
d) 30 GHz – 300 GHz
Answer: c)

Iris is used to ?
a) Over come power loss
b) Over come bending effect
c) Over come mismatch error
d) Over come twist effect
Answer: c)

In schotty barrier diode current flows because of ?
a) Majority carriers
b) Minority carriers
c) Majority and minority carriers
d) None
Answer: b)

Which antennas are used in microwave communication ?
a) long wave antennas
b) Rhombic antennas
c) Parabolaidal antennas
d) All of above
Answer: c)

Among translator & time of sight system capacity ?
a) Of translator is more
b) Of line of sight is more
c) Having equal capacity
d) No relation such as
Answer: a)

No of T-state required for memory read or write operation-
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 6
Answer: b)

In data transfer operation which flag get affected-
a) 3140 flog.
b) carry flog
c) sign flog.
d) none
Answer: d)

The storage and retrieval of data on stacks should follow sequence-
a) last in first out
b) first in first out
c) random in random out
d) none
In flowchart which figure represents process like subroutine-
| | | |
While executing program microprocessor checks INTR line clearing-
a) each instruction
b) after interval of two instruction
c) after a subroutine
d) at the end of program.
Answer: a)

93. In which error check technique of data communication 2?s complement of all bytes of data is transmitted with data-
a) Even parity
b) odd parity
c) check scans
d) cyclic redundancy
Answer: a)