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BSNL Junior Telecom Officers (JTO) Question Paper 2005

Program execution hierarchy decides which operator-
a) is most important
b) is used first
c) is fastest
d) operators on largest number
Answer: c)

(375)10 = (?-)8
a) 550
b) 557
c) 567
d) 577
Answer: c)

To obtain 2048 8 memory using 128 8 memory chip how many IC required-
a) 2
b) 4
c) 8
d) 16
Answer: d)

A Decimal no. 17 can be converted in binary, the binary no. will be.-
a) 10001
b) 01110
d) 11100
Answer: a)

Is the Universal logic gate-
a) AND
b) OR
d) X-OR
Answer: c)

A monostable state in multivibrator means-
a) which returns itself to its single stable state
b) the state used only once in circuit
c) the state of circuit can not get changed
d) the state of circuit always changing
Answer: a)

For designing binary counter which flip flop is preferred –
a) T FF
b) SR FF
c) D FF
Answer: c)

His handwriting was not ?? so I could not read his note ?
a) attractive
b) eligible
c) clear
d) legible
Answer: d)

They started to ?? people into the theatre only at six –
a) enter
b) admit
c) follow
d) accept
Answer: a)

I told him to buy things that are lasting (Give the appropriate synonym of the underlined word).
a) ending
b) ordinary
c) durable
d) cheap
Answer: c)

Give the word which is most opposite in meaning of the word ?evident?-
a) doubtful
b) unimportant
c) disagreed
d) understood
Answer: a)

I expressed by disagreement ?? him on that issue-
a) between
b) with
c) about
d) for
Answer: b)

?Sugarbowl? of the world is –
a) India
b) Cuba
c) Brazil
d) USA
Answer: b)

Palk strait separates-
a) India and Srilanka
b) India and Burma
c) Britain and France
d) Malaysia and Sumatra
Answer: a)

The minimum number of atoms in a molecule of an element are-
a) 1
b) 5
c) 2
d) 10
Tides in the sea are caused by-
a) Effect of sun
b) Effect of moon
c) combined effect of moon and sun
d) Gravitational, centrifugal and centripetal forces
Answer: c)

The Bar council of India decided to close over law colleges across the country for their failure to maintain minimum teaching standard) There number is
a) 140
b) 200
c) 150
d) 100
Answer: c)

Aswan Dam is located in-
a) Egypt
b) Libya
c) Sudan
d) Iran
Answer: a)

Ghana Birds sanctuary is in the state of –
b)Madhya Pradesh
c)Uttar Pradesh
Answer: a)

Dry ice is-
a) Frozen carbon monoxide
b) Frozen carbon dioxide
c) Frozen ammonia
d) None of these
Answer: b)

East flower river of India is –
a) Cauvery
b) sone
c) Narmada
d) Tapti
Answer: a)

The total length of the great wall of China is ?
a) 1,400 miles
b) 1,500 miles
c) 1,300 miles
d) 1,400 miles
Answer: a)

Deficiency of vitamin C may result in-
a) beriberi
b) night blindness
c) dermatitis
d) Scurvy
Answer: d)

Bharat Shah a film financer was granted bail by Supreme Court after a
period of ?
a) 11 months
b) 2 years
c) 18 months
d) 15 months
Answer: d)

Indian local time is based on-
a) 800 E longitude
b) E longitude
c) 1100 E longitude
d) 250 E longitude
Answer: Can you Answer this?

Which one is a good preservative of food?
a) Spirit
b) Formaldehyde
c) Sugar
Answer: b)