Company: Adobe Systems

Placement Paper:- February 26 ,2011 – CA, Chennai
Id: 3451 Title: CA (computer associates) technical question/placement papers 2011

1. what is the o/p
printf(” Hello o is the world “);
Ans : Hello is the world.

2. Clarifying the concept addresses used over array ; ie
the address of a base element produces what error?

3. child process — fork
child shell — sh

4. Answer are lex 7 yacc & man read these things in UNIX

5. What is
int *p(char (*s)[])
Ans : p is a function which is returning a pointer to
which takes arguments as pointer to array of characters

6. Using pointer, changing A to B and B to A is Swapping
the function
using two address and one temperory variable. a,b are
address, t is
temporary variable. How function look like?
Ans : swap(int *, int *, int )

7. In ‘o’ how are the arguments passed?
ans : by value.

8. Find the prototype of sine function.
Ans : extern double sin(double)

9. Scope of a global variable which is declared as static?
ans : File

0. ASCII problem
ans : 6