Are you aspiring to work at Capgemini, one of the leading global consulting, technology, and outsourcing companies? Getting through the Capgemini aptitude assessment is an essential step towards achieving that goal. This article will provide you with valuable insights, tips, and practice questions to help you excel in the Capgemini aptitude test.

Capgemini Interview Questions: Tips to Ace Your Job Interview

Understanding the Capgemini Aptitude Test

The Capgemini aptitude test is an integral part of the company’s recruitment process. It assesses candidates’ cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking. The test aims to evaluate how well candidates can handle real-life scenarios and challenges that may arise in the workplace.

The aptitude test is usually conducted online and comprises multiple-choice questions. It is divided into three main sections: Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, and Verbal Ability. Each section carries significant weightage in the overall evaluation.

Sections of the Capgemini Aptitude Test

Quantitative Aptitude

In this section, candidates are tested on their mathematical skills. Topics covered include arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data interpretation. Solving questions quickly and accurately is crucial, as time is limited.

Logical Reasoning

This segment assesses candidates’ ability to analyze and interpret information logically. It includes questions related to coding-decoding, puzzles, and pattern recognition.

Verbal Ability

The verbal ability section evaluates candidates’ language proficiency, comprehension skills, and grammar. Questions may involve sentence correction, synonyms, antonyms, and reading comprehension.

Capgemini Aptitude Questions

Quantitative Aptitude Questions

If a book costs $24, and its price increases by 20%, what is the new price of the book?

Solve the equation: 3x + 5 = 17.

A car travels at an average speed of 60 km/h for the first 3 hours and 80 km/h for the next 2 hours. What is the total distance traveled?

If the area of a square is 144 square meters, what is the length of one side?

A shopkeeper sells an item at a 15% discount, making a profit of $12. What is the cost price of the item?

Find the value of x in the proportion: 4/9 = x/36.

What is 35% of 400?

The sum of three consecutive even numbers is 126. What is the smallest number among them?

A train travels a distance of 480 km in 6 hours. What is its average speed in km per hour?

If the length of a rectangle is 12 meters and its width is 5 meters, what is its perimeter?

Simplify the expression: 3(4x + 2) – 5(2x – 3).

A school has 960 students. If 40% of them are boys, how many girls are there?

The area of a circle is 154 square meters. What is its radius? (Take π as 22/7)

If a car covers a distance of 252 km in 4 hours, what is its speed in meters per second?

The cost of 8 pens and 6 pencils is $84. If a pen costs $7, what is the cost of one pencil?

Find the value of x in the equation: 2(x + 3) = 20.

A bus travels a distance of 240 km in 4 hours and 15 minutes. What is its average speed in km per hour?

The perimeter of a square is 40 meters. What is the length of one side?

If the cost of 5 chairs is $375, what is the cost of 12 chairs at the same rate?

The ratio of boys to girls in a class is 3:5. If there are 48 boys, how many girls are there?

Logical Reasoning

If CAT is coded as 312, BAT is coded as 210, how is MAT coded?

Choose the odd one out: Tiger, Lion, Elephant, Giraffe.

Complete the series: 4, 9, 16, 25, __.

If all flowers are plants and some plants are trees, can we conclude that some flowers are trees?

If BEAT is coded as 7258, MEET is coded as 2399, how is FLEECE coded?

If GATE is coded as 7153, how is LAMP coded?

Arrange the following numbers in descending order: 12, 7, 19, 4, 15.

Complete the series: 2, 6, 12, 20, __.

If all students are learners and some learners are teachers, can we conclude that some students are teachers?

If SLEEP is coded as 12334, how is DREAM coded?

If WATER is coded as 235687, how is JUICE coded?

Choose the odd one out: Apple, Banana, Orange, Potato.

Complete the series: 1, 4, 9, 16, __.

If all pens are stationery items and some stationery items are notebooks, can we conclude that some pens are notebooks?

If RED is coded as 27, BLUE is coded as 43, and GREEN is coded as 57, what is the code for YELLOW?

If DOCTOR is coded as 695837, how is NURSE coded?

Arrange the following words in alphabetical order: Elephant, Tiger, Lion, Zebra.

Complete the series: 2, 5, 10, 17, __.

If all birds can fly and some birds are parrots, can we conclude that all parrots can fly?

If APPLE is coded as BQQMF, how is ORANGE coded?

Verbal Ability

Identify the synonym for the word “confident”: a) unsure b) shy c) certain

Fill in the blank: “She _______ to the party with her friends.” a) goes b) going c) gone

Read the passage and answer the questions based on it.

Identify the antonym for the word “generous”: a) selfish b) kind c) giving

Complete the sentence: “The movie was so _______ that everyone enjoyed it.” a) bored b) boring c) bore

Identify the synonym for the word “captivate”: a) bore b) attract c) repel

Fill in the blank: “He _______ watching TV when the phone rang.” a) is b) was c) has been

Read the passage and answer the questions based on it.

Identify the antonym for the word “genuine”: a) authentic b) fake c) original

Complete the sentence: “The weather is so _______ today, let’s go for a walk.” a) nice b) nicely c) niceness

Identify the synonym for the word “abundant”: a) scarce b) plentiful c) meager

Fill in the blank: “I have _______ finished my assignment.” a) recently b) already c) yet

Read the passage and answer the questions based on it.

Identify the antonym for the word “eccentric”: a) normal b) odd c) bizarre

Complete the sentence: “The concert will start _______ 7 PM.” a) at b) on c) in

Identify the synonym for the word “intelligent”: a) smart b) dull c) foolish

Fill in the blank: “The sun _______ in the east.” a) rises b) rising c) risen

Read the passage and answer the questions based on it.

Identify the antonym for the word “expand”: a) increase b) extend c) contract

Complete the sentence: “They _______ their lunch before leaving.” a) finished b) had c) were having

Preparing for the Aptitude Test

A well-structured study plan is essential for effective preparation. Allocate sufficient time to cover each section thoroughly. Utilize study materials from reputable sources and practice regularly.

Quantitative Aptitude: To excel in the quantitative aptitude section, focus on topics such as simplification, percentages, time and work, probability, and data interpretation. Practice mental calculations to improve speed.

Logical Reasoning: Enhance your logical thinking by solving puzzles, number series, and coding-decoding problems. Look for patterns and practice analyzing information from different perspectives.

Verbal Ability: Expand your vocabulary by reading regularly. Improve comprehension skills by practicing with passages from diverse topics. Learn grammar rules to enhance sentence correction abilities.

Time Management: Efficient time management is vital during the aptitude test. Practice solving questions within a time limit to boost your speed and accuracy.

Mock Tests and Practice Questions

Take advantage of mock tests and practice questions available online. These simulate the actual test environment and help you identify areas for improvement.


What is the format of the Capgemini aptitude test?

The Capgemini aptitude test is an online assessment comprising multiple-choice questions in Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, and Verbal Ability sections.

How can I improve my mathematical skills for the test?

Focus on practicing topics like arithmetic, algebra, and data interpretation regularly. Work on improving mental calculations for faster problem-solving.

Are there any time limits for each section?

Yes, each section of the aptitude test has a specified time limit. Managing time efficiently is crucial for success.

Where can I find mock tests and practice questions for the Capgemini aptitude test?

You can find mock tests and practice questions online on various educational platforms and websites.

Is the Capgemini aptitude test challenging?

The difficulty level of the test may vary for different candidates. With proper preparation and practice, you can overcome challenges and perform well.