CAPGEMINI Placement Paper

Company: Capgemini

The selection procedure was as follows:

1. Aptitude test (Mathematics and Logical Reasoning only)
2. Group Discussion
3. Personal Interview

Total number of candidates appeared – Around 250
Cleared Aptitude -113
Cleared GD – 72
Selected – 62

A Pre-Placement talk was held before the selection procedure started.

Aptitude Test – There were 25 questions from both sections. 1 marks for each correct answer, -0.25 for each wrong answer.
Cut off – 10 marks in each section. No upper cut off.

50 % of the questions were from previous papers. Some of the questions I remember which are not there in previous papers are :

1. A garrison had provision for a certain number of days. After 10 days, 1/5 of the men desert and it is found that the provisions will now last just as long as before. How long was that?
a. 15 b. 25 c. 35 d. 50
Ans: 50 days

2. Find the equation whose roots are 9 and 5?
Ans : x square – 14x + 45 = 0

3. Find the 20th term from the last in the sequence 3,7,11…………407 ?
Ans: 331

4. The sum of first 20 numbers in an A.P. is equal to the sum of first 30 numbers. Find the sum of first 50 numbers of the A.P.?

5. Find the next term in series – Y W U S Q O M ?
a. P b. J c. L d. None of these.
Ans: None of these (correct ans should be K)

6. Find the missing term in series – 1, 27, 125, ?, 729
Ans. 343 ( The numbers are cubes of odd numbers 1, 3, 5..)

7. Find the next term in series – 25, 37, 49, 61, ?
Ans: 73 ( there is a difference of 12 between all)

There was also a question on determinants and vector, 2 questions on area in which you need to know about relationship between meter and hectares……..

Group Discussion – 10 groups of 12 or 11 each. Some of the topics were –
1. Senior cricketers should be retired now?
2. Is IPL killing test cricket?
3. Who is better – Rani Mukherjee or Kajol?
4. India – US Nuclear deal?
5. Can women be good leaders?

It was not necessary to speak a lot. Give relevant points and be a good team member.

Personal Interview – 5 people from Capgemini came to our college who divided themselves into 4 groups. i.e. Interview of 4 candidates was going on simultaneously. It depends on your luck which interviewer will take the interview. My interview was completely HR. There was not a single technical question asked. But some of my friends were asked a lot of technical questions. The questions asked from me were..

1. Tell me about yourself, your family background, your achievements?
2. My 10th and 12th percentage?
3. Any back logs?
4. Any extra curricular activities?
5. What are the things you liked about Capgemini in the presentation?
6. What did you know about the Capgemini before the presentation?
7 Are you willing to work at any of the locations?
8. Why are you not planning to go to IIMs?

Wish you All the Best for Capgemini…………….

CAPGEMINI Placement Paper

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