Company: Capgemini

Capgemini has generally 2-3 sets of question booklets but still try to appear in the second batch. Paper has 3 sections.

1.) Quantitative 25 ques

2.) Analytical 30 ques

3.) Verbal ques 25 ques

The most easy section is the verbal section. Just prepare Barrons well. One or the other unsolved test papers of Barron’s are replicated as it is in the papers…that means antonyms, synonyms, sentence correction ..fill in the blanks words like gaffe, contentious, altrustic, belligerent….

Quantative is so so ..i mean 60 % is easy and rest is a bit tough…go thru the geometric theorms, formulas, quadriatic and linera section well.

Analytical is the most tricker’s very tempting bcoz 1 paragraph may fetch you 4 correct answers…puzzles..all puzzles like 1 speaks french b speaks chinesse and english..c speaks french and … so arrange them in a comfortable position so that they can converse with each other…other question’s like a heavier then b, m heavier then i and j , k lighter then d who is d heaviest ?? so on…..

15 question’s are easy but very time consuming and rest questions although seem to be easy but try avoiding to attempt all questions coz that will eat up all your time unless you are very good at analytical…..

Total quest 80

Total time 90 min’s


they say that there is no sectional cut off but still they have minimum 5 5 8 questions..

No Group Discussion Tech Interview (very easy) and then HR ( tough)…