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CARITOR Placement Paper & Interview

Company: Carritor

Details of placement procedure: {4 rounds}

1. Aptitude test(one English essay mandatory)

100 marks paper with 35 questions 60 mints

part A [15*4=60] General aptitude, mathematical problems and so on {Refer R.S. Aggarwal qualitative, verbal, nonverbal and logical}
part B [10*1=10] English grammar: like fill up the blanks, odd men out and so on
part C [10 *3=30] Logical questions
[Totally 260 and odd took the test and 189 got through 1st round

2. Group discussion:

They made groups of 10 each. My topic was American war against Iraq It was around 20 to 25 mins and this round was elimination round, usually they select 6 out of 10 but in my group they rejected 6 and selected only 4 and I was one of them. Hint: Always start the GD, u need to score just 2 points and starters always get 1 point.

3. Technical Round:

They asked my on the following subjects:
COBOL: sections and divisions

Data structures: program for factorial of a number, explain recursion

C, C++: Difference and OOPS features

Operating system: Deadlocks, avoidance and solution of deadlock

Computer networks: Dijkstra’s algorithm, (shortest path)

1puzzle : There r 3 rooms in 1st floor with 1 bulb in each room and there r 3 switches in groundfloor,ur in ground floor, u can go to 1st floor only once and u need to find which bulb belongs to which switch.

The cap of pot holes has the shape of circle, why?

4. H.R round :

Questions are:

-how was your day

-tell me about yourself and family background

– why do u want to join caritor

– Did u attend any other company and why were u not selected

My technical round

It was around 25 to 30 mints
I – may I come in sir come in, take your seat, so how was ur day?

I- great sir so your from MCA, do u know COBOL

I- yes sir.

T- so rank yourself for Cobol


t- that’s good, but why 7? can u write the sections and divisions?

I-wrote some of them and said I need to brush up as I studied that subject long back.

t- so u know c and c++ tell me the difference

I- answered

t-features of OOPS? I answered

t- explain about dead lock? done

t-explain Dijkstra’s algorithm? Done

t-ru interested in puzzles

I-absolutely no sir.

t-gave me the above mentioned puzzle


t-very good ,thank you.

My H.R round

It was around 5 to 10 mints

Hint: prepare for the following questions before HR round

Hr- tell me about family background


Hr-tell me something which is unique about urself


hr –why do u want to join r company

I-answered(hint-please concentrate on ppt)

hr- what are ur goals and objectives

i-i want to become s/w architect or project manager

hr- everybody will have d same goal and objective?

I-no sir, I’m basically from commerce and I was very much interested in IT field and so I switched from commerce to IT;

HR-if I give u finance dept ?

I- I’ll surely do it sir

hr-“so u will again switch to commerce”

I- I’m really interested in software but if u want me to do in finance than surely ill do.

Hr- ok thank you ,do u have any questions

I-could u tell me about the training prog


i-cos many company have 5 to 6 months of training

hr-have u attended any other company

I-yes sir this is my 5th company

hr-so why didn’t u get through

I- explained

hr-what is your domicile

I-Bangalore and I continued for another 2 to 4 mints

hr- ok thank you

I-thank you sir

so finally we got the results at 12.45am next day and 64 were selected and were given offer letters and I was one of them.

Thank you. All the best

CARITOR Placement Paper & Interview


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