caritor solution
caritor solution

Carritor Placement Paper

Company: Carritor

Hi every one, i m anu .i m a Btech graduate from VJCET muvattupuzha
Caritor was my 2nd offcampus test first one was accenture . any way i got placed in caritor .
They ask for 60% agg with no current back papers . test was at rajagiri coll of engg and tech.
There were four rounds
1)Aptitude(only RS agg type que- per ,age, avg ,clock,time and dis ,series etc der were only 45 ques) no -ve markin

2)essay writin & gd: they wer simple no elimination frm essay der wer 36 batches of 12 students each .frm ma batch 5 r selected .i think selection criteria was based on commn skill ,confidence ,boldness they r not lookin points hw we r reactin to every 1 dat is dey r lookin maintian eye contact ,body lang is imp ,dont argue,support others give oppto others also

3)tech inter : ask to write 2 programs call by val call by ref then a pgm for printin location of a char in a string if dat char apper twice i did the first one . den 3 ques one is frm c (abstract class),plsql(as i written in profile )
after dat ask abt ma extra ciri activities like hr. in des round keep confidence ,be bold,

4)hr: ordinary hr ques
y we hire u
abt company ….

Carritor Placement Paper

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