caritor solution
caritor solution

CARITOR Placement Paper

Company: Carritor

Hi friends,im Ravi Kumar..

I attended caritor company in chennai in vel multimedia engineering college located at avadi.

Im posting my experience,the process was recruitment was pretty easy.

but i was not able to make it..i was eliminated in the group discussion……

The pattern is quiet simple.

1.aptitude discussion
3.technical round interview

1.The aptitude was very simple reading R.s aggarwal is more than enough…i think since there were some departments like instrumentation and mechanical are writing the exam ,they dint ask technical question from c,c++ prepared for that too. but only thing u should keep in your mind is the time management….. nearly 60 questions were to be solved from 60 minutes all the questions were simple aptitude questions…

2.The group discussion is also pretty easy to get thro,i too did well ,but i dont know why i was eliminated… the topic given to me was “hundred million population and one gold medal” this is certanianly very easy and pretty old topic.. i was the initiator and spoked well and good in communcation too, but dont know why i was eliminated. but around 6 to 7 are selected out of 10… the other topics,*l0ve marriage or arranged marriage..

*steps should be taken to control the population and etc all are very simple topics

3.In technical interview they asked some basics of c.. and they asked some simple puzzles … so be thorough in basics of c and read some puzzles ,the puzzles were too quiet simple.. go thro some infosys puzzles it would be very useful… these informations were provided by my friends…

4.last hr interview ,it was very simple and there is no rejection in this round,unless u perform very bad…same questions like tell me about ur self,why should i hire u,why caritor,tell me about caritor,ur hobbies.. one of my college met was ask to sing ,as she mentioned singing as her hobby… so be confident my was really very cool… dont lose opportunities like me.. i think caritor is the only company having such easy recruitment process… caritor is my 2nd company to attend but i was not selected.. i attended 5 m0re companies but i was not able to get thro because, i was very casual in my preparation.. i was not serious..but now im feeling for it…dont be like me,prepare serioulsy.. im not dejected..i still have little hope left.. I think this would very useful for u…if this was very useful reply me guys..ALL THE BEST..


CARITOR Placement Paper

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