caritor solution
caritor solution

CARITOR Placement Paper

Company: Carritor



Thanks for starting such a excellant group. I m a silent member of this group from 2nd year of my b-tech course. I always use to study mail send by people and get inspired from them.There suggestion are really helpful.
Now my third year is about to finish and company started to visit in our campus(sastra deemed university).

caritor came here for campus on 7 & 8 april and i got selected.I thank to mighty god and this excellant group.I also want to say something to the people of this group that believe in yourself and workhard definetily u will get what u want.So please work hard.If u work hard than ur luck favours u(though there may be exception)

caritor pattern was diifferent from last year.
ther was 5 phases
1.Aptitude test
2.written communication(essay writing) discussion
4.technical interview

Apti paper consist of 45 question and there was no english no c/c++ question only R S agarwal type questions.some question was from shakuntla devi also.In in hour we have to solve the apti paper.

for group disscussion they r checking that whether u can speak english or not.Those who spoke 3 or 4 sentences with confident got selected in GD.Be cool in GD and try give chance to other also.thay r giving general topic only.
written communication test is not an elimination round.
In technical interview they asked simple question only.
hr was also simple.

so best of luck all members of this group

CARITOR Placement Paper

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