caritor solution
caritor solution

Company: Carritor

Hi friends
I got selected in Caritor. This is the interview pattern

1. Written test(aptitude only)
2. Gd & written comuunication(writting essay)
3. Technical interview
4. HR

At first 900 members attended. 250 members were shartlisted. In GD 170 members were shotlisted. After technical interview 139 members were shortlisted and finally 80 members were selected

In Written it is general Aptitude (probability, time and work, time and distance and etc)

In GD dont quarrel just be calm amd speak related to topic I just spoke two sentences only)

In Technical he will ask u abt sorting and basic C programs and some logical questions

In HR its easy and is NORMAL same questions what every company will ask…
dont worry if ur not selected in any company…

Because before this company I attended 8 companies and I had gone to interviews for 4 companies .. and believie it or not one judicator from Caritor who came to our college had attende 120 interviews. So dont get deppressed its like the comapny which suits ur thinking will select thats it….

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