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Carritor Placement Paper

Company: Carritor

Here Are Some of Carritor Paper Pattern Which they asked on 25th August 2006

* Aptitude(only RS agg type que- per ,age, avg ,clock,time and dis ,series etc der were only 45 questions) no -ve marking
* Essay writing & gd: they were simple no elimination from essay there were 36 batches of 12 students each. From MA batch 5 were selected, selection criteria was based on communication skill, confidence, boldness they are not looking points how we are reacting to every one that is they are looking maintaining eye contact, body language, don’t argue, support others give opportunity to others.
* Tech inter: Ask to write 2 programs call by val call by ref then a program for printing location of a char in a string if that char appear twice. Then 3 question one is from c (abstract class), PLSQL (as i written in profile ) after dat ask abt ma extra curricular activities like HR. In these round keep confidence, be bold.
* HR: ordinary hr questions

Carritor Placement Paper

About Carritor

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