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Programming Concepts

1. The ability to reuse objects already defined, perhaps for a different purpose, with modification appropriate to the new purpose, is referred to as Information hiding

2. The term given to the process of hiding all the details of an object that do not contribute to its essential characteristics is called _____________

3. Object-oriented technology`s ______ feature means that a small change in user requirements should not require large changes to be made to the system Abstraction

4. An object has _____ State
All of these options

5. Which of the following is true:
Class is an object of an object
Class is meta class
Class cannot have zero instances
None of these options

6. If a derived class
object is explicitly destroyed by applying the delete operator to a base-class pointer to the object, the _____ function is automatically called on the object
Derived-class destructor
Base-class destructor
Base-class constructor
Derived-class constructor

7. In object orientated programming a class of objects can _____________ properties from another class of objects

8. Contracts are not meant to be used in cases of _______
`has-a` relationship
`is-a` relationship
Both Composition and `has-a` relationship

9. Inheritance through interface is called ________
Implementation inheritance
Definition inheritance
Delegation inheritance
Interface inheritance model

10. When a class uses dynamic memory, what member functions should be provided by the class?
An overloaded assignment operator
The copy constructor
A destructor
All of these options

11. ______ means that both the data and the methods which may access it are defined together in the same unit
Data hiding
Data Binding
None of these options

12. The term given to the process of hiding all the details of an object that do not contribute to its essential characteristics is called _____________

13. Car contains a steering wheel is example of ________
Composition and Association
None of these options

14. Can two classes contain member functions with the same name? No
Yes, but only if the two classes have the same name
Yes, but only if the main program does not declare both kinds
Yes, this is always allowed

15. A contract is implemented through
Abstract Class
Interface and Abstract Class

CDAC Placement Paper

About CDAC

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) is the premier R&D organization of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) for carrying out R&D in IT, Electronics and associated areas.  Different areas of C-DAC, had originated at different times, many of which came out as a result of identification of opportunities.

  • The setting up of C-DAC in 1988 itself was to built Supercomputers in context of denial of import of Supercomputers by USA. Since then C-DAC has been undertaking building of multiple generations of Supercomputer starting from PARAM with 1 GF in 1988.
  • Almost at the same time, C-DAC started building Indian Language Computing Solutions with setting up of GIST group (Graphics and Intelligence based Script Technology); National Centre for Software Technology (NCST) set up in 1985 had also initiated work in Indian Language Computing around the same period.
  • Electronic Research and Development Centre of India (ER&DCI) with various constituents starting as adjunct entities of various State Electronic Corporations, had been brought under the hold of Department of Electronics and Telecommunications (now MeitY) in around 1988. They were focusing on various aspects of applied electronics, technology and applications.
  • With the passage of time as a result of creative ecosystem that got set up in C-DAC, more areas such as Health Informatics, etc., got created; while right from the beginning the focus of NCST was on Software Technologies; similarly C-DAC started its education & training activities in 1994 as a spin-off with the passage of time, it grew to a large efforts to meet the growing needs of Indian Industry for finishing schools.visit offical website of C-DAC for more deails.

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