Company: Cisco Systems

The written test consists of 50 questions in 60 minutes there may be different sets.

1-6 on quantitative problems very easy on basics
7-11 on general English a passage will be given and 4 sentences will be given as ans whether the data is sufficient, not sufficient, correct conclusion,

full information not given.
12-22 picture reasoning such as guess the fifth one from the four figures
23-30 missing letters in a sequence of letters very easy.
31-40 two reasoning questions r given with some q below
41-50 some quantitative problems,3 qs on linux pl/sql ,c lang r given

1. ALL basics they asked me
2. Binary sort explain line by line
3. Insertion sort how does it differ from binary sort explain line by line (they provide rough sheets)
4. OSI layers and functions
5. Microcroprocessors
6. Tress, program on insertion of node in single linked list
7. Pre order, inorder,post order explain with examples
8. Sliding window protocol explain
9. Write the of a c program for printing numbers into words such as 123 (one hundred and twenty three)
10. About my project fully explained and its applications and some qs on that
11. Why cisco
12. What u know abt cisco

It has taken 1 hr 15 min to complete the techinal round And in hr its simple no qs for me they will explain abt the company