Company: Cisco Systems


CAUTION: There is a -ve marking of +1 & -1 u dont mark blindly.Mark the

answer if u know exactly.cutoff will be 25 marks out of 60.So becareful.

There r 2 sections in CISCO

section 1: Aptitude 20 marks (10 aptitude,10analogy,oppositewords etc))

section 2:comp sc (data structue , c, theory of computation,networks,operating systems)

I collected upto 20 questions;

In this setion questions exact numbers I have forgotten.So this will be useful to the style of the problem only.


1: A man went to market with some money.With that money he can buy 15 pencils or 25 pens.He kept 15% of that money for bus fare and with rest of the money he purchased 5 pencils,and ‘x’ pens.How many pens he purchased?

2:A man climbing a wall.For every 4 steps go up he will slipdown 2 steps.If he takes 12 min to 3 much time it takes to climb 48
meters and one step=2meters.

3: Two trains with lengths x and y ,and speeds u and v.Approaching each other how much time it takes to takes for faster train to cross other

In this question I don’t remember the x,y,u,v.U can find formula in Aggarwal’s quantitative aptitude book

4: there was some question on ages that was easy


1. main()

{ fork();





How many times it will print hello?

2: char A[5,6] How many bytes it requires?

3:Bridges are used in which layer?

4.Bigendian means

a)lower byte stored in lower address

b)lower byte stored in higher address

one of these is correct.u can verify in Any micro processor book.

5: #define mmx 10+10

6: main()

{ j=0


{ j+=i; }


what is the value of i & j at the end of the loop

ans: 10,46

7: Regular expression with 2 consecutive 1’s and all string of 0’s and 1’s

8: dead lock conditions 1 question

9: selective repeat widow size of sender & receiver 1 question.

10;Balanced trees 1 question