Company: Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems written Test Questions and Interview Paper 2012

Branch: Computer Science and Engineering

Company in which placed: CISCO


Technical test: 60 minutes

Details of types of questions asked in each of the sections:

The written test consisted of 50 objective questions,with no negative marking.It comprised of general aptitude,basics of electronics,OS,Networking and C.It was an easy paper,once you know the very basics.


There were three rounds of technical interviews.

In the first round,the interviewer asked me to write some code on functions pointers,basics of C,passing variable number of arguments to a function,string operations,different operations on AVL trees,different stages of compiling a program,different layers of OSI model,socket programming and a few more.The first round ended up with a few puzzles.

The second round was the coolest round I had.Questions based on Object oriented characteristics,basics of C such as a few codes based on bitwise operators,keywords like volatile,OS concepts such as semaphores,IPCs,a problem of real time operating systems based on scheduling algorithms,code conversion from java to C,endianness of architecture and a few questions on CAO and a few more questions.

The third round doesn’t seem to be completely technical.Questions from concepts of OS,Networking such as router,switch,3-way hand shaking etc were asked.This interviewer asked me some general things such as background,future plans and finally asked if a had any questions to ask.


This round went happily than I thought to be.The questions consists : Introduce yourself,Why CISCO,strengths and weaknesses,any previous interview experiences,how would you like to see yourself after 5 years from now,how do CISCO make you help achieve your aims and a few more questions.

This is the coolest interview I had attended.In the first round,I got a little bit tensed and unable to answer all the questions.After having my second round,I gained some confidence as I answered all of them confidently and correctly 🙂 .The third round is where I am unable to analyze my performance,where I cannot say it was good or worst.The HR round went really cool.