CMC Placement Paper

Company: CMC Limited


Directions : For questions in this section mark:
(a) If condition (i) alone is sufficient
(b) If condition (ii) alone is sufficient
(c) If both conditions together are sufficient
(d) If condition (i) alone & (ii) alone are sufficient
(e) information not sufficient

1.A man 6 feet tall is standing near a light on the top of a pole What is the length of the shadow cast by the man.
(i) The pole is 18 feet high
(ii) The man is 12 feet from the pole

2.Two pipes A and B emptied into a reservoir , pipe A can fill the reservoir in 30 minutes by itself. How long it will take for pipe A and pipe B together to fill up the reservoir.
(i) By itself, pipe B can fill up the reservoir in 20 minutes
(ii) Pipe B has a larger cross-sectional area than pipe A
Ans: a)

3.K is an integer. Is K is divisible by 12
(i) K is divisible by 4
(ii) K is divisible by 3
Ans: (c)

4.What is the distance from A to B
(i) A is 15 miles from C
(2) C is 25 miles from B
Ans: (e)

5.Was Melissa Brown’s novel published?
(i). If Melissa Brown’s novel was published she would receive atleast $1000 in royalities during 1978
(ii). Melissa Brown’s income for 1978 was over $1000
Ans: (e)

6.Does every bird fly?
(i) Tigers do not fly.
(ii) Ostriches do not fly

7.How much does John weigh? Jim weighs 200 pounds.
(i) Toms weight plus Moes weight equal to John’s weight.
(ii) John’s weight plus Moe’s weight equal to Twice Tom’s weight.
Ans: (c)

8.Is the figure ABCD is a rectangle if
(i) angle ABC=90(degrees)
(ii) AB=CD

9.Find x+2y
(i). x+y=10
(ii). 2x+4y=20

10.Is angle BAC is a right angle
(i) AB=2BC
(2) BC=1.5AC

11.Is x greater than y
(i) x=2k
(ii) k=2y

12.A piece of string 6 feet long is cut into three smaller pieces. How long is the longest of the three pieces?
(i). Two pieces are the same length.
(ii) One piece is 3 feet 2 inches lone

13.How many rolls of wall paper are necessary to cover the walls of a room whose floor and ceiling are rectangles 12 feet wide and 15 feet long
(i) A roll of paper covers 20 sq feet
(ii) There are no windows in the walls

14.x and y are integers that are both less than 10. Is x>y?
(i). x is a multiple of 3
(ii). y is a multiple of 2
Ans: (e)

15.Fifty students have signed up for atleast one of the courses GERMAN & ENGLISH, how many of the 50 students are taking GERMANI but not ENGLISH?
(i). 16 students are taking GERMANI & ENGLISH
(ii). The number of students taking ENGLISH but not GERMANI is the same as the number of students taking GERMAN
Ans: (c)

16. Is ABCD is a square ?
(i) AD = AB
(ii). x=90(degres)
Ans: (e)

17.How much card board will it take to make a rectangular box with a lid whose base has length 7 inches.
(i).The width of the box 5 inches
(ii).The height of the box will be 4 inches
Ans: (c)

18.Did ABC company made profit in 1980?
(i) ABC company made a profit in 1979.
(ii) ABC company made a profit in 1981.
Ans: (e)

19.How much is Janes salary?
(i). Janes salary is 70% of John’s salary
(ii). Johns salary is 50% of Mary’s salary

20.Is x>1
(i) x+y=2
(ii) y<0 Ans:(c)

21. How many of the numbers, x and y are positive? Both x and y are less than 20. (i) x is less than 5 (ii) x+y =24 Ans:(b)

22.Is the angle ACB is right angle

23.How far it from town A to town B? Town C is 12 miles east of town A
(i).Town C is south of town B
(ii).It is 9 miles from town B to town C
Ans: (c)

24.A rectangular field is 40 yards long. Find the area of the field.
(i).A fence around the boundary of the field is 140 yards long
(ii).The field is more than 20 yards width
Ans: (a)

25.An industrial plant produces bottles. In 1961 the number of bottles produced by the plant was twice the number of produced in 1960. How many bottles were produced altogether in the year 1960, 61,&62
(i).In 1962 the number of bottles produced was 3 times the number of produced in 1980
(ii).In 1963 the number of bottles produced was one half the total produced in the years 1960,1961,1962.
Ans: (e) 26. Is xy > 1 ? If x & y are both positive
(i) x is less than 1
(ii) y is greater than 1
Ans: (e)

27.Is it a Rhombus
(i) All four sides are equal
(ii) Total internal angle is 360

28.How many books are in the book shelf
(i)The book shelf is 12 feet long
(ii).The average weight of each book is 1.2 pound

29.What is the area of the circle?
(i) Radius r is given
(ii) Perimeter is 3 times the area
Ans: (a)

CMC Placement Paper

About CMC

CMC Limited was an information technology services, consulting and software company owned by Government of India headquartered in New Delhi, India. In October 2015, CMC was sold by Government of India to Tata Consultancy Services and its owner, the Tata Group by the Indian Government.visit offical website of CMC for more details.

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