CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions)
CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions)

Cognizant Technology Solutions Placement Paper

Company: Cognizant Technology Solutions

1. Semester wise marks
2. what is your short term & long term goal in CTS
3. What are all the qualities expected for a software engineer
4. Extra curricular,Hobbies,Interests
5. Software Orientation(languages known)
6. Strength’s
7. Weaknesses

The Interview Consists of Three Sections:

1. Analytical(Its just simple.They gave 30 min)
2. Verbal(Its bit tough because paragraphs r very big….time management. They gave 20 min)
3. Logical(Its easy….just pick out the odd words. They gave 20 min)

Some of the Technical questions:?
1. Explain heap sort.
2. Types of sorting.Explain any one.
3. What s the purpose of normalisation
4. Explain lifecycle of software engineering

5. what r all the types of testing..Explain any one.
6. what do u mean by memory leakage in C
7. Explain inheritance& polymorphism
8. Explain abstract data type
9. Difference between structure & union
10. Diff between C & C++
11. How do u implement multiple inheritance in java
12. Write a pgm to swap 2 variables without using temporary variables
13. Explain exceptions in java…write a simple pgm…
14. What is the purpose of keyword “finally”
15. Explain the concept of mini project
16. Where u need to see u in CTS in the next 2 years
17. Do yuo have any questions

Cognizant Technology Solutions Placement Paper

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