Company: Cognizant Technology Solutions

Test Pattern

Following is the pattern of CTS selection.

For CTS you will first face an aptitude test of 60 mins having 40 questions.Correct answer carry one mark and wrong answer carry 0.25 marks. Do prepare well for this test as this is where the main competition is. study general aptitude, some basic geometry, logical reasoning, time & distance etc.

Questions were from :Quantitative (ratio & proportion, inequalities, quadratic etc)-Aptitude (puzzles)

– English(para followed by deductions, filling blanks with correct words)

TIPS – Practice quantitative and puzzles. Refer- R.S.Agarwal, CAT material

next you will be called for a tech interview. the interview is not so difficult if your technical is good. they ask very basic technical questions, and you will clear it very easily if your basic concepts are clear. my interview lasted for 20 mins. questions on Data structures, networks, C (he also asked me to write a small program). answer confidently and clearly say if you dont know the answer.