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Section – I

Find the next in the sequence:
1.BC CE EG GK ? a)KN b)KU c)KM d)None
2.AA AB BC CE? a)EG b)EH c)EI d)None
3.AB EF JK QR ? a)YZ b)ZA c)AB d)None
5.AC CG GO OE? a)EJ b)EI c)EL d)None
6.AE BH CM DU? a)EH b)EZ c)EB d)None
7.AD DP PL LV a)VS b)VK c)VI d)None
8.SE QU EN TI? a)CN b)BM c)AI or AZ d)None

Section – II:

Find the values for the following Problem:
f(X)= 2X-1 + f(X-1) if X is not equal to zero and if f(X=0)=0
9. Value of f(5) a)15 b)24 c)22 d)None
10. Value of f(f(2))
11. Value of f(16)- f(15)
12. Value of f(16)+f(15)-480
13. If f(f(X))=81 then the value of X=?
14. If f(X)=4f(X-1) then the value of X=?
15. If f(X)= f(X-1)+f(X-2) for X>1 then X=?
16. If f(X)-f(X-1)=f(X-8) for X>5 then X=?

Section – III:
In the following questions a ‘word’ is given which may not have any meaning. Find different possible words or palindromes for the word as per the question.
17. TYGHHTT a).420 b)1540 c)840 d)None
Find the number of possible palindromes for the following:

Section – IV:

Question Numbers from 25 to 32 are based on the figures. You have to analyse them and find the odd one out. Five figures will be given out of which one is NOT correct.
Refer R.S Agarwal’s book on “Analytical Reasoning”.


For following first find out the anagram and then note the corresponding meaning:
33.TABLET a)resentment b)fight c)help d)monster
HINT: “Anagram” means first u arrange the letters in correct order
like TABLET = BATTLE. So the answer is: FIGHT
34.RUGGED a)resentment b)fight c)help d)monster
35.GORE a)resentment b)fight c)help d)monster
36.STASSI a)resentment b)fight c)help d)monster
37.ENFOLD a)cuddle b)sleeping c)proclamination d)ointment
38.LAMB a)cuddle b)sleeping c)proclamination d)ointment
39.RECEDE a)cuddle b)sleeping c)proclamination d)ointment
40.PLEASE a)cuddle b)sleeping c)proclamination d)ointment

Section- v1

1. A says ” the horse is not black”.
B says ” the horse is either brown or grey.”
C says ” the hoese is brown”
At least one is telling truth and atleast one is lying. tell the colour of horse?
Answer : grey

A son and father goes for boating in river upstream . After rowing for 1 mile son notices the hat of his fathe falling in the river.After 5 min. he tells his father that his hat has fallen. So they turn round and are able to pick the hat at the point from where they began boating after 5min.
Tell the speed of river?
Ans…6 miles/hr

3. A+B+C+D=D+E+F+G=G+H+I=17 where each letter represent a number from 1 to 9. Find out what does letter D and G represent if letter A=4. (8 marks)
Ans. D=5 G=1

4.Argentina had football team of 22 player of which captain is from Brazilian team and goalki from European team. For remainig palayer they have picked 6 from argentinan and 14 from european. Now for a team of 11 they must have goalki and captain so out of 9 now they plan to select 3 from rgentinian and 6 from European. Find out no. of methods
avilable for it. (2 marks)
Ans : 160600( check out for right no. 6C3 * 14C6)

5. Three thives were caught stealing sheep, mule and camel.
A says ” B had stolen sheep ”
C says ” B had stolen mule”
B says he had stolen nothing.
The one who had stolen horse is speaking truth. the one who had stolen camel is lying . Tell who had stolen what? (5 marks)
Ans. A- camel ;B- mule ;C- horse

6.A group of friends goes for dinner and gets bill of Rs 2400 . Two of them says that they have forgotten their purse so remaining make an extra contribution of Rs 100 to pay up the bill. Tell the no. of person in that group. (3 marks)
Ans – 8 person

7. In acolony there are some families. Each of them have children but different in numbers.Following are conditions:
A) No of adult no of sons no of daughters no of families.
B) Each sister must have atleast one brother and should have at the most 1 sister.
C) No of children in one family exceeds the sum of no of children in the rest families.
Tell the no of families.(5 marks)
Ans : 3 families

8. There are 6 people W,H,M,C,G,F who are murderer , victim , judge , police, witness, hangman. There was no eye witness only circumtancial witness. The murderer was sentenced to death.
Read following statement and determine who is who.

1. M knew both murderer and victim.
2. Judge asked C to discribe murder incident.
3. W was last to see F alive.
4. Police found G at the murder site.
5 H and W never met.
( 8 marks)