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Telco Water Technology Placement Paper Jan 2006

Company: Telco Water Technology Pvt. Ltd TELCO PAPER – JAN 20061) Hypothesis :problem (below 4 he will give)2) Mirror:Image3)money:Misapprobation4)nackles:Adoration5)construction:building6)file:pile7)ours:we8)1/3,1 1/3,3,5 1/3, next9)Selling price of 4 articles=Cost price of 3 articles then %loss(ans. 25%)10)|x-3|=3-x then x=11)data sufficiency p>q?1)p,q positive2)q-1=q*2+pThis type you can see in GMAT book. Reasoning1) ABCDEF attended for an interview, in which 3 were […]