Company: IBM India Pvt Limited

Hey guys,
It’s been a long time since the last blog..
Here I’m back again with a new Placement paper for written test. And it’s the paper of the most reputed , one of the dreamed companies , 5th largest company, COMPUTER ASSOCIATES

so here i”m straight to the point.
The paper consisted of total number of 85 questions. (65 Q’s Aptitude verbal reasoning+20 Q’s about the language you choose “C++ or JAVA”. )
The paper was really really easy for me, It contained many categories but all of ’em were at basic level.
I think it’s 20 apti + 10verbal + 10 reasoning + 5 optical testing Q’s + 20 basic programming skills and + 20 JAVA( I choose JAVA).
First of all I’m gonna give you Java paper, It’s Hot in ma mind.
1) which color is used for instance methods in standard “javadoc”

2)correct order of a java file?
-Package, Import, Class

3) program:
public class Test{
public static void main(String args[])
{ int age;
Sopln(“The age is “+ age);
ans: doesn’t compile
variable age might not’ve initialised

4)legal range of “byte”?
-(-128) to 127

5)correct use of char literal?

6) what does the zeroth element of the string array passed to the public static void main method contain?
-the name of the program
-the number of arguments
-the first argument if one is entered

7)public class Test{}
what could be the constructor for this class?
-public void Test(){}
-public Test(){}
-public static void Test(){}
-public static Test(){}

8)public void divide(int a, int b){
int c=a/b;
} catch(Exception e){
parameters are 3,0

9)correct way to throw some exception?
-throw Exception
-throws Exception
-new Exception
-Don’t specify anything

10) using FlowLayout manager correct way to add elements
i don’t remember options

11) legal return type for overloading
public void add(int a){}

12) Given Button generates Action Event, what listener you gonna add?
ans: answer is here -> answer

13) valid return types for listeners?
-type of event handled

class First
public First(String s){
public class Second extends First
public static void main(String args[])
{ new Second();
compiling Second class what happens?
-Instance of First is created
-Exception is raised at runtime stating that there is no null parameter constructor in class First
-Second will not compile as there is no null parameter constructor int the class First

15) in order to call paint(Graphics) to execute , which is appropriate?

16) to implement ActionListener in a class to register Button, which method is used


17) Execute:

boolean flag=false;
} else{


18) public class Test {
public static void test(){
public static void print(){
public static void main (String args[]) {
ans: non-static variable this cannot be used in static area , compile error

I don’t remember the remaining two guys..

Aptitude was really easy, Q’s like
-how many ways can you arrange MATHEMATICS, putting all vowels together
-meaning of cognizant
-paper was easy, no negative marks.. 85 q’s..
I’ve passed through written but in technical I failed to write a program on 8Queens problem, Their concntrtion was mostly in DataStructures programming. Next It was Management round, and finally HR for which I couldn’t make it.
GOOD LUCK for you all.