CONVERGYS India Services Pvt Ltd Placement Paper

Company: CONVERGYS India Services Pvt Ltd


Hi guys!! This is Ashish Chadha from lucknow.I m more than elated to tell u that I have made it to convergys,finally. It came on 12th of may at BBDNITM,lucknow.

Firstly there was a sectional written test comprising of following sections:

1.WORD USAGE(20Q) This comprised of a long scientific passage with blanks labeled (1-20)and 4 options for each questions.

2.REASONING ,QUANT AND VENN DIAGRAM SECTION(45Q) The questions were moderate ,u just have to manage ur time well enough.

3.UNIX(10Q) Just go through the syntax of various commands in echo meta,etc.

4.RDBMS(10Q) This was the easiest section if u hav the basic knowledge of dbms and SQL.

5.C++(15Q) Some questions were well versed with pointers,classes,inheritance
Out of around 300 candidates,38 cleared the written.

Then they called us for the ppt and the HR guy was very strict. He told us about the organization, its domains, industries served and all other aspects of the company. He said that they only pick the best because they offer the best to their employees. Then he gave us a 30 minutes break to eat something and come back with a presentation prepared of our own for 2-3 minutes..on any topic.

When we came back we found that we were going straight for interviews and the presentation will be seen there only.My no.was around the 30th so i had to wait a long time for the interview and now starts the real thing…..

When I went to greet them they stood up and shook hands with me. Then he asked me about the presentation. I had barely spoken 30-40 seconds that he said stop!! We got the gist of what you wanted to say. My topic was”Should group discussions and presentations be a part of freshera recruitment” and I was strongly in favour of it. One of the interviewer asked….. was I trying to impress them??to which I gave a flat answer..sir this, is just my view.if you are impressed then I m doing my job right.

Then he asked me some HR questions…as to who r chadha’s,what is ur objective and why.Then he asked me technical questions.. Firstly about my project then he came to SQL,DBMS..joins cursors, to keep a database secure,a query to join two tables to create a table with a primary key and a null column. Asked me some queries to which I wasn’t right but he was gauging my confidence. Then he asked about c++,object oriented programming. .inheritance. .types of classes. .types of inheritances,malloc,calloc…and he was quite satisfied with my answers.

Then the other guy asked me if this was my first interview ..i told him it was my second 1st being infosys..then he asked what went wrong there..i told him that 1 puzzle did the trick . Itold him that I was waiting for satyam’s interview.then he told me that he himself was a x-satyamite.he then explained about the policies of Indian companies and their nature of keeping guys on bench. Then he asked me if I were to choose between satyam and convergys what would I choose and why…..i told him convergys because there is a chance of going abroad….the he explaine about the whole issue of going abroad. Then came his final sentence….. Irrespective of u choosing either of the companies I would like u to be a part of convergys..i said a solid “thank you,sir” and he told me to sharpen skills in unix,dbms,sql,c,c++ before joining.

I was more than excited to be selected…….shook hands with both of them It was certainly a euphoric day for me… 2 other guys from my college were selected….a total of 11 in total. GUYS ITS ALL ABOUT BELIEVING IN YOURSELF,IN GOD AND BEING CONFIDANT IN YOUR COMMUNICATION AND THOUGHTS. ITS CERTAINLY A DREAM COMPANY…THE PACKAGE FOR NOW IS 3.3 BUT THIS WOULD INCREASE BY JOINING TIME.

CONVERGYS India Services Pvt Ltd Placement Paper

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