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1. ——— acts as a command interpreter

A) Unix shell b) kernel c) d) ans) a

2. Combine $x=1;[x -ge 10] into a single statement

3. Wats the output of the code snippet
echo hello
Eval echo Hello
Eval echo eval Hello
Ans: hello

4. What does $* represent

5. Which statement is true to dbms?
a) Collection of data
b) Collection of interrelated data and set of programs to access that data
c) Collection of inter related data no need of any programs
d) Collection of data and set of programs

Ans) b

6. Values should dependant on primary key in which normal form?
a) 1 NF b) 2nf c) 3nf d) 4nf

7. Mathematical representation of joining tables ———-

a) Union b) c) Cartesian product d)

8. Question on data objects and constraints

9. Use of normalization?

a) Reducing redundancy b) little storage space c) d) all the above


10. What r the types of joins below

A) Interior & outer b) inner and outer joins c) d)

Ans) b

11. C++ —15 q(15 min)

The code that could be written in which block to raise exceptions?

A) Catch b) try c) finally d) none

Ans) b

12. Some programs on pointers some tricky questions

13. By using which keyword we can’t change value after initialization?

a) Int b) c) d) const

Class one
enum {name1,name 2, name 3}
Wt is the value of name 2
a) 0 b) 2 c) 1 d) 3
(this question is not full, like this only)

ans) c

14. Which of the following is true for constructor?

a) b) c) d) constructor can not be inherited

15. i=0

While($i –le 10)




a)0 b)1 c)2 d)3

16. Class Base


Base( )


Cout<<”Base”; } }; Class Derived: public Base { Derived( ) { Cout<<”Derived”; } }; void main( ) { Derived d; } a)base b)base derived c)derived d)derived base. 17. Relation of an entity to itself is known as A) one to many B) one to one 3) Recursive 4)?? 18. A relation in RDBMS can exist between_______ entities A) min 2 B) Atleast 1 3)three 4)none of these 19. 5th Normal Form depends upon A) Multivalued Dependencies B) Functional Dependencies C) ?? D) ?? 20. Which of these is not TRUE abt the joint and the union A) Join is always costlier than union B) Union always acts upon columns C) Union always acts upon rows D) Join always acts upon columns (The options were similar to this one not exactly these) 21. In a Left outer joint operation what will be returned A) Left table returns all rows B) Right table returns all rows C) Both tables return all rows D) Right table returns NULL 22. A function in a Class by default is A) Virtual B) Inline C) Pure Virtual D) None of these 23. Three numbers are given ..u need to decide which two are similar or if all three are different or similar. 1. 8849651 2. 8849561 3. 8849651 a) 1&2 are same b) 2&3 are same c) all are same d)1 & 3 are same e)all are different ANS: d 24. Niziamuddin 2. Nizeamuddin 3. Niziammudin a) 1&2 are same b) 2&3 are same c) all are same d)1 & 3 are same e)all are different ANS : e 25. Even great people are ___________________ (1) by some questions. 1.a) bamboozled b)Challenged c)stump d) defeated