COVANSYS Placement Paper



Totally there are 2 rounds.
Total no of questions: 80
Duration: 1 hour
1st Round : Written Test

There are 3 sections in the written test.
1st section:
Total no of questions are 15 and each question carries 2 marks. 3 critical reasoning were given in this section and each one has 5 questions.
Mostly seating arrangements were given.
2nd section:
Total no of questions are 15 and each carries 3 marks. All are puzzles better prepare it from Sakunthala Devi’s book.
3rd section:
Total no of questions are 50 and each carries 1/2 mark. In this section the questions were based on fundamentals of computer.

2nd Round: Technical and HR
He asked me questions from DBMS, Software Engineering and also asked me to write a simple c program.

COVANSYS Placement Paper


Covansys with the team of expertise in RF, wireless, telecommunication established to address the challenging and critical requirements of connectivity with stable links and higher bandwidth between the offices, remote locations and wifi for larger areas. With pure confidence, dedication and with the support of technology, Covansys could address the requirements and establish its name . Thus became preferable wireless system integrators to many corporates and government companies.visit offical Website of Covansys for more details

Point to Point (IP + TDM)

Our solutions in wireless industry providing TDM native links capable of transferring up to 16 E1/T1 lines over wireless links while preserving the clock and with no conversion to IP protocol. This provides excellently low latency and makes it possible to cascade links for intercity links and nationwide networks in the order of tens of cascaded links.

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