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CSC Placement Paper Tutorial

1)There are 3 piles of books on the table you need to arrange them in the self such that 1st book of each pile gets placed on the self,what is the possible no of arrangements:
a)12! b)12C3 * 9C4 c)12^12 d)none

2)Price of a book increases 15% successively (2times) what is the new price of the book more compared to that of the old price:
a)32.25% b)23.34% c)36% d)39%

3)There are 3 mixtures when mixed in the ratio of 3:4:5 price was 240.When mixed with 6:4:9 price was 340.what’s the price when mixed in 5:6:8 ration price is_________

4)One question based on Venn Diagram.75 total no of students.25 don’t know typing,50 know shorthand.then question were based on find no of students dont knwing both etc.

5)One person has 2 child.At least one of them was a girl.Then the Probability that 2 of the are girl is_____
a)1/2 b)1/4 c)0.36 d)1

6)Swati when get married to jayanta her age was 3/4 th of her husband’s age.After 12 years her age became 5/6 th of her husband’s age.Then what’s the age of swati when she got married??

then what’s the value of y???

8)some passages were there based on illegal drugs smuggling and based on this some questions.

9)Some Analogy Questions: some i do remeber like SYCOPHANTIC: FLATTER SILENT: QUIET others i dont remember.

10)Some questions based on
if f(x,0)=x+1

then find f(1,1),f(2,3),f(3,0) etc and some relations based on this very easy
11)One question based on the average speed
12)one question based on Sudoku type very easy,u can do it in one attempt.