CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions)
CTS (Cognizant Technology Solutions)

CTS Placement Paper

Company: CTS

am VIJAY ANAND doing my final year BE (ECE) at Kamaraj College of engineering and technology (KCET), Tamil nadu. I got placed in CTS by state level placement program conducted by Anna University.

The selection process consists of two rounds
(1) Written test
(2) Technical + HR round

Written test consists of three sections

VERBAL SECTION (25 questions-25min)
(1-10) comprehension (passages r too long)
(11-15) find the incorrect sentences
(16-20) find the correct sentences
(21-25) arrange the jumbled sentences

This is a quite tough section. Just make guesses. Mark option B or C.

ANALTICAL SECTION (25 questions-30min)

(1-5) Venn diagram
A group is divided into three. The first group is persons of 5′6 height and second and third r 6′0 and 6′6 respectively. There r totally 130 peoples, 50 of them r 5′6 and 65 of them r 6′6, 10 of them r 5′6 and 6′6, 15 of them r 5′6 and 6, 20 of them r 6′6 and 6, and 5 of them r all the three.
(1) How many of them r 6 feet? (Ans 70)
(2) How many of them r only 6 feet? (Ans 30)
(3) How many of them are only 5′6? (Ans 20)
(4) How many of them are only 6′6? (Ans 30)
(5) How many of them are at least two? (Ans 50)

Important formula in Venn diagram is

(6-10) quantitative questions

(6) There r five boxes. In the first box we put some chocolates. Each box the number of choc is reduced by 1/4. The last box contains 4.Then the number of choc in the first box is (Ans 1024)

Other questions r from profit loss and other general questions. Sorry I don’t remember

(11-15) data sufficiency–Very easy one

(16-20) binary conversion

Please don’t read anything in the question. Just change any value to binary and convert that 1 to $ and 0 to *.

(Eg) LCM of (12 15 10) (ans 60 = 111100 = $$$$**)

(21-25) cubes

There is a building contractor. He designs a building such that The base consists of 16 cubes
Above that in the middle of the base there r four cubes
Above this there r two cubes at the ad joint ends
Above that there is one cube

Now the whole building is painted with white
(21) How many are 0 face painted?
(22) How many are 1 face painted?
(23) How many are 2 face painted?
(24) How many are 3 face painted?
(25) How many are 4 face painted?

NON VERBAL SECTION (20 questions-20 min)

(1-4) syllogism (study all rules in the aggarwal book but TIME book will help u a lot)
(Eg) All mosquitoes’ are lizards.
All lizards are insects.
(Ans: all mosquitoes’ are insects)

(5-6) logical deduction (study all rules from TIME book)

(7-15) figure sequence and odd one out from figures (very easy)
(16-17) Seating arrangement

(18-20) logical puzzle

Totally 1250 attended the campus interview. 258 were short listed for interview. My name was one of them.

This post was submitted by VIJAY ANAND.

CTS Placement Paper

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